Friday, February 5, 2016

How I Fell In Love With Lord of the Rings

So I have been meaning, for a long time, to tell you all how I fell in Love with Tolkien's works.

  For the longest time my family didn't read/watch anything Fantasy because my mom wasn't interested in Fantasy.  However, my older sister, Mel, has always had a fascination with it.  About 4 years ago, Mel borrowed the LOTR books and movies from a friend and watched and read them.  A year later (March 17, 2013) Mom decided to watch the LOTR movies.

  They got all set up in the living room to watch FOTR and Mel told me not to sneak in and watch it.  I (who had heard her read the story of Aragorn and Arwen to Mom on the way to town one time), told her that I wanted to see Aragorn and Arwen.  To which she responded, "OH! NO!!!  We don't need you having a crush on Viggo Mortensen!!"  I informed her that that was an insult because I don't 'do' celebrity crushes!!     Well they started watching, and I was really, really sweet to them.  I made them popcorn and hot chocolate, and then sat down on the floor in front of Mel and they didn't kick me out.  I was ENTHRALLED!!!!  I wasn't allowed to watch orc/Nazgul/bad guy/Gollum, parts (I had been known to have nightmares from those things, but I am proud to say that I have never had nightmares from Tolkien's works), but I did watch the rest.  I was enchanted and sucked into the Wonderful World of Middle-earth!!

  The next day Mel told me most of the story of the War of the Ring (she wouldn't tell my Gollum's end though) while we were butchering a deer.  Two days after that, I was informed that I wasn't supposed to have watched it.  I didn't watch the rest of the movies with them.

  That Friday (March 22, 2013) Mel, Nan, Bobbie and I, watched FOTR again.  April 5, 2013, we watched TTT and April 12, 2013, we watched ROTK.  Two weeks later, we watched An Unexpected Journey.  (All of the movies were borrowed from friends.)

  Then, after I had watched all the movies that were out, I read the books.  And I think that I read all 4 books within 2 weeks.

So kinda long, but that is my story.

  Now I own the theatricals of TTT, ROTK, AUJ, DOS and the EE, of AUJ.  Other members of the family own, the EEs of FOTR, TTT, ROTK and the theatrical of TTT and BotFA. And I own copies of all 4 books, as does Mel and she owns the Silmarillion......WHICH SHE STILL HASN'T FINISHED SO THAT I CAN READ IT!!!!

  My little siblings have heard The Hobbit, seen the less scary parts of the first two Hobbit movies, and later this year will be able to hear the LOTR books.  Mel (and I) have created a monster and we are very proud of it!!


  1. Embrace the Viggo Mortensen crush, there is no avoiding it lol XD