Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Who Do You Think You Are Game: Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship

Another game from Cordy's Lord of the Rings week.  You can find it HERE.


  Who am I?  Well I would like to say Sam since he is my favorite and, I think, the one whose qualities I admire the most, but I am the most like Merry Brandybuck. 

  This is kind of hard to describe.  I have Merry's loyalty, his quick thinking (sometimes!), his love for his friends and family.  I also love being part of a good conspiracy, and while I'm not a naturally 'born leader', I can step up and lead things when I need to.  I also tend to seem 'carefree and lighthearted', when it is really a coverup for deeper feelings.

And I hope that all of that made sense.