Thursday, August 13, 2015

July QQ

This is for Melody Muffin's July Quote Quest.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to post it in July but here it is now.

 "Where is that boy?" Molly MacDonald wondered aloud.  It was 10:00 in the morning and she was doing her Saturday baking.
  "I'll go see," volunteered her younger son, Colin, from the table where he was reading a book.  Since her back was to him, she failed to see the naughty twinkle in his brown eyes.  A few minutes later, over the sound of the electric mixer, she heard a heavy body hit the floor upstairs.  Turning off the mixer, she dashed quickly upstairs.  Coming to a halt in the doorway of her oldest  son's bedroom, she rolled her eyes at the sight inside.  Colin lay on the floor with his older brother, Duncan sitting on top of him pummeling him with a pillow.
  "What is going on?" she asked, not sure that she wanted to know.
  Duncan stopped whacking Colin long enough to answer.  "I couldn't sleep last night and it's all his fault."
  "Colin?" Molly gave him the eagle eye.  "What did you do?"
  "I had a dream about him," her younger son explained.
  "You had a what?"
  "A dream.  Haven't you heard of the legend that if you can't sleep at night it's because you are awake in someone else's dream?  Well I had a dream about Duncan and someone else last night."
  At the teasing tone in which he said someone else Duncan started whacking him again.  Molly crossed her arms, pretty sure that she knew where this was headed.  "What was Duncan doing in the dream?" she asked.
  "He was on a date with Roberta!" and ducking another blow from Duncan's pillow, Colin grabbed another pillow from the bed and began hitting back.
  Right.  "Why did the fight start?" she asked.
  "Colin was teasing me because I wouldn't call Roberta and ask her if she was awake last night, too."
  Duncan, at 25, was more reserved then his younger brother.  He had been dating Roberta McLean for a year and half and hated being teased about her.  So of course, Colin teased him unmercifully.
  "Alright.  Enough," Molly confiscated the pillows.  "One of these days, Colin, when you find a girl, don't be surprised if Duncan pays you back, with interest."
  "That's why I haven't found myself a girl, Mum," he grinned and kissing her cheek as he passed, he went whistling out of the bedroom and down the stairs.  Shaking her head, she smiled at Duncan and then left, closing the door behind her.


  1. Oh that was a good one!!!!! ~Taz

  2. Thanks Tazzie!! I had a lot of fun writing it!!

    1. :) I'm glad you had fun!!!
      I have never written a QQ before but now I think I will after reading yours it sounds really fun. ~Taz

  3. Haha, nice one! I've never heard that legend before, but it sounds like it could start a whole novel! *minds runs off with plot bunnies*


    1. Yeah I hadn't either until Melody (she is my older sister) choose it for last months QQ. I told her that I thought it sounded kinda creepy. I mean seriously? You can't sleep because someone is dreaming about you? Ugh.

    2. I know, haha. It's kinda creepy, but awesome at the same time.