Monday, December 14, 2015

3 Weeks Old

I have a permanent crink in my neck and my shoulders are killing me because I have spent the morning and some of the afternoon washing the 8 ft ceiling in the living-room (which I had to bring in a 6 ft ladder for because I am so short).  But I decided to take a break and post these pictures.

Sorry that these are a bit late, I was in town all day on Friday and so wasn't able to take the pictures on the exact day that they were 3 weeks old.  I know that I usually post only one picture of each, but I can't today!!  They are just too adorable!!

Arwen.  She is so cute!


Elladan.  He wouldn't hold still.

I love this picture!!  And his little tail sticking out!!

Elrohir wasn't being very cooperative.

Elrohir.  He didn't want to look.


Talk about ADORABLE!!!

She is so cute and cuddly!!

Gil-galad.  He decided that looking over the greenery, wasn't a good idea.

Gil-galad.  He is my special baby.

Gil-galad.  Isn't he adorable?

Strider.  He is a very handsome boy!!

And so cute!!
Hope you all enjoy these!!  And Merry Christmas from 6 Babies Biting!!  (You should see that way that they push each other around!!)


  1. There just getting even more adorable!!! ~Taz

  2. Oh. My. Word. SOOOOOO Cute!! I love them all!!:) They must be lots of fun!

  3. Awwwww! Puppies are adorbz:D

    (And I like your names, too.) :)

    1. Adorable, but rascally. Especially when they crawl out of their pen!

      The effect of a house full of Tolkien fans!!

  4. GAHHHHH THEY'RE SO CUTE. Every single one. And I STILL haven't gotten over their names :D

  5. AAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!! They're adorables!!!! Can I have one pweaseeeeee!!!

    1. Sure!!! Which one do you want and when can you pick it up? It has to be after the New Year though. ;)

  6. So cute! <3