Monday, December 28, 2015

Rizkaland Tag

I doing the tag from Kendra's Rizkaland Party.  I am a newbie to the Rizkaland world (I've only known it since Friday), but I love it already!!

1. Have you read Water Princess, Fire Prince yet?

2. If so, what is your favorite part? If not, what are you looking forward to the most?
  I think that my favorite part was after they all are over the Chasm when they are journeying through the Mountain.

3. It's Christmas time! What's the best Christmas present you've ever received?
  WPFP!!!!  Which I received for Christmas this year!!

4. What are your favorite fantasy worlds?
  MIDDLE-EARTH!!!!!  Brythonia (one of my older sister's worlds).  And another one that is actually this world many long years ago.  It used to be a completely fantasy world, but then the author changed it to fusion-fantasy and this country (Jazaravia) was (many long years ago) over by Japan, or somewhere over there.

5. Who are your favorite fictional couples?
  Sir Percy Blakeney & Lady Blakeney (The Scarlet Pimpernel).  Lord Faramir & Lady Eowyn (Lord of the Rings). King Elessar & Queen Arwen (Lord of the Rings).  Laurence Sybert & Marcia Copely (The Wheat Princess).  Prince Eric & Princess Robin (The Bookania Quests).  Lord Iskander & Princess Zahira (One of my older sister's stories).  And those are just a FEW!!

6. Do you have any projects (writing or otherwise) that you've been working on for ten years?
  Not that I can really think of.

7. Fantasy weapon of choice?
  LONG-BOW!!  I ADORE long-bows!!  If I had to choose something else, it would be a longsword.  Oh and throw a couple of cool daggers in there.

8. Name your element!
  I don't really know!

9. What are you hoping to see in future volumes of the Rizkaland Legends?
  Well I can't wait to find out what really happened to Andrew's Mom.  And also whether or not Kevin and Rhoda wind up in Rizkaland.

10. What is your favorite Christian allegory?
  I actually haven't read that many allegories, but of the ones that I have read, I would have to say, Narnia.


  1. It seems you like titled couples. I some how forgot about Marguerite and Percy, and Eric and Robin when I did it. I kind of evaded the question.

    1. :) Yeah I could make a really, really long post about my favorite couples.