Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bookania Character Interview: Enna

  Today I have the privilege of interviewing Princess Enaline (Enna) of Reference.

  Welcome to The Flowering Vales Enna!

  I am very excited to interview you, because you love books.  So do I.

  Does your head ever feel like it will explode from all of the knowledge stored inside?
  Not often. Occasionally, if I've read too much in a day, I'll get a nasty headache, but it's usually gone in the morning.
  Do you have a favorite genre of books to read?
  I prefer history, learning about the past and all that. I also enjoy the occasional novel. 
  Was there a young man that you had feelings for when you fell asleep?  If so, did he also attend the party?
  I think my parents were in the process of evaluating proper suitors for me, but I must confess that the only young man to have stolen my heart would be my young nephew, little Joseph. Babies are just so precious. 
   That they are.  My nephew is too adorable for words.
  What was your reaction when you learned of your hundred year sleep?
  I was rather surprised and suspected that Madeleine was playing one of her jokes ... yet it soon became clear that it was not a joke and very much real. I suppose it is frightening for my whole world to change so quickly ... but then again, it presents so many new things to learn!
  During the preparations for the fight against Mordreth, you and Conia are put in charge of gathering the food.  Do you enjoy cooking?
  I can't say I've ever turned my hand to actual cooking. We were gathering food for them to cook on the way, not cooking it for them.
   Your gift is remembering everything you have ever read.  Do you have any skill with weapons?
  I have theoretical knowledge of how to use many weapons, but I've never actually tried to use any of them.
  Did the castle on Reference have a very large Library?
  *laughs* My home is almost entirely library. *laughter turns to a sigh* I do wonder what happened to it ... Kendra says we'll find it again in book 5.
  That castle sounds like a heavenly place!

  Well, thank you for joining me, Enna.  I can't wait to see how your story goes.
  For those of you reading this, be sure to check out Kendra's blog.  Also, three of the Bookania books are free today.  Sew, It's A Quest, The Prior Quest and Woodcutter Quince.

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