Monday, July 11, 2016

Fire on the 3rd

  Where I live we have wildfires every summer, and we have them quite often....we just don't usually have them less then a mile away.  Sunday night at 5:15, it started to sprinkle.  There was a little bit of laundry on the line, so Sam and I ran out to bring it in.  As we came around the corner of the house to the side door (it faces west) Sam yelled "Fire in the trees!"  I whirled around and sure enough, there was fire in the trees over the hill.  I ran into the house and told Mom who immediately called 911 (she actually was the first person to call it in.  That had the boys pretty excited because it was the first time).  When I got back outside, I saw that it wasn't as close as I thought it was.  There were 2 roads between us and the fire, and the wind, (which had been coming from the west) had shifted, and was blowing from the southwest.  Which meant that it was driving the fire away from us.....but right towards another house.

This is how far it had spread by the time I go the camera. 

See that house roof?  Well I thought it was right behind there.  It was actually behind his brothers house across the dirt road that runs to the west of that house.

It was kind of scary because the hay was down in that field...and that field is right across the road form us.

Getting worse.

Spreading up towards cows.

Standing next to our west fence, so you can see just how far away it was.

Wooo!  Someone is finally up there!

It was close to 5:30 before any of the fire trucks went past.

The neighbor who owns the field on the other side of the hill.

Ooo!  The guy who owns that house whose roof you could see?  He had his backhoe out!

The first of the fire trucks.

And another one.

A fire truck up on the hill.

And there was a rainbow on the other side of the valley.  God's promise.

A water tank truck.

And after the fire was over.
  Thankfully no one was hurt and no homes were destroyed.  But please keep us in your prayers because there have been more fires then usual in our area lately.  Since the above fire, there have been 3, but none of them have been closer then 6 miles.


  1. Goodness! I'm glad everybody's ok!

  2. That is so terrifying! I'm glad you guys are okay! I'll keep you in my prayers!

    1. Well it wasn't as terrifying (to me) as the one that we had the summer I was ten. That one freaked me out....and it was 6 miles east of us on the other side of the was never going to reach us even when the wind (which was blowing from the west) died down and it came down the west side of the hill. But at ten you don't always know everything about wind patterns and fright has a way of lessening distance!

  3. I'm praying! ~Taz

  4. I'm so sorry your area has been suffering from fires! I'll pray <3

    1. Thank you! There haven't been any lately.