Saturday, September 12, 2015

Favorite Five

"And then," went on her handsome persecutor, "I had quite a long talk with you over the telephone, you know -----"
                                                                                  Aunt Crete's Emancipation by Grace Livingston Hill

'Her mother was a Rutherford.  The family came over on the ark, and were connected by marriage with Henry the VIII.  On her father's side they date back further then Adam.  On the topmost branches of her family tree there's a superior breed of munkeys, with very silky hair and extra long tails.'
                                                                                    Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

"I should as soon marry a daughter of Hobbs," said R. Schmidt, getting up from his chair with restored sprightliness.  "If he had one, I mean."
"Here, said Hobbs, appearing in the bed-room door, but not unexpectedly.  "I heard wot you sad about my daughter, sir.  It may set your mind at rest, sir, to hear that I am childless."
                                                                                   Prince on Graustark by George B. McCutcheon

'Betsy and I walked as far as the baseball field in the course of the evening, and caught a glimpse of the orgies.  The braves were squatting in a circle about a big fire, each decorated with a blanket from his bed and a rakish band of feathers.  (Our chickens seem very scant as to tail, but I have asked no unpleasant questions.)  The doctor, with a Navajo blanket about his shoulders, was executing a war dance, while Jimmy and Mr. Witherspoon beat on war drums--two of our copper kettles, now permanently dented.  Fancy Sandy!  It's the first youthful glimmer I have ever caught in the man!'
                                                                                   Dear Enemy by Jean Webster

The chaps, however, were up in the white-house kitchen, where were also the reek of scorched hair and the laughing expostulations of the Little Doctor and the boyish titter of Pink and Irish, who were curling laboriously the chaps of Miguel with the curling tongs of the Little Doctor and those of the Countess besides.
                                                                                    The Flying U Ranch by B.M. Bower

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