Friday, September 4, 2015

French Braids and Silly Cats

The other day I decided to try French braiding.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it on my own hair (I can't do very many elaborate things to my hair.  A simple braid, bun and pony-tail is about it) so I did my three younger sisters, Jill, Joni, and Jenny's hair instead.  I took pictures since it was my first attempt and here they are.

First head.  Jill.


Second head.  Jenny.

(Jenny squirms a lot when her hair is being done so her braid is crooked.)

Third head.  Joni.

And while we were taking pictures we were being bothered by a few silly cats so I snapped a few pictures of them as well.

Fili, peering through the crack of a shed that the girls stood in front of for pictures.

Fili hanging over the wall of the shed.

Turtle, by the side of the shed, making faces.


  1. Beautiful work on the braids! And love the kitties :) :D

  2. Haha! First of all, amazing braiding. Teach me your ways! Heehee, I like braiding, but my fishtail/French braids are usually fairly messy:-P

    And those cats! Hahaha. You named one of your cats Fili?!?!:D And "Turtle making faces"....

    1. Thank you! I was really amazed that they came out that well. And they weren't as hard to do as I thought that they would be. I watched a video on YouTube before I did them. ;)

      Oh yes!!! We like naming our cats after literary characters. We have had Austen named cats, Bronte and there was no getting away from Tolkien named ones!!! Not that I mind!!!