Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Para-planes, Postage Stamps and Portals

I know.  That is kind of a weird name.  So first off.  Para-planes.  Every now and then Para-planes will fly over our property.  It has been a few years so when two went over last week I took pictures.  And my silly little brothers called out, "Para-plane, Para-plane bring us some candy!"  (It's a family joke!)

And then the Postage Stamp.  I was looking through papers the other day and I found a 32 cent postage stamp from 1994.  It was just one of those interesting things that I thought I would share.
And then the Portals.  I was doing something that I didn't find agreeable that used cardboard boxes.  Well I took a flattened out box and went to tape it up, but I was procrastinating.  I opened it up and looked through it down the hall and it hit me that it was like a Portal.  So I grabbed Jill and the Camera and had Jill kneel under the box while I took a picture through it.  Then I found a few other things for 'Portals' and grabbed more pictures.

The Box Portal

The Box Portal

The cardboard box that I turned into the Portal

Through a plastic spout in a metal Bucket Lid
Bucket Lid Portal

Bucket Lid Portal

Cinder Block Portal

The Cinder block that I turned into a Portal

And know that I have shown you all how crazy I am.......  ;)