Saturday, September 19, 2015

Favorite Five

  "Then he is a rale gintleman, sir, and mighty obliged I feel to him, for I have had enough of English prisons, though indeed, it was only three or four days that I stopped at Harwich."
                                                                                   In the Irish Brigade by G. A. Henty

  "It is a grievous list, worshipful sir; but mark you, as soon as you showed your warrant and declared yourself I gave way to you. I only resisted so long as it seemed to me you were evildoers breaking into a peaceful house."
                                                                                   Bonnie Prince Charlie by G. A. Henty

  "I do declare, Sammy, you're right!" he cried. "It does look like a boat, for a fact, an' the surprisin' part of it is that you hit so near the truth! It ain't often you can make out the difference betwixt a ship an' a seal."
                                                                                    The Light Keepers by James Otis

Mrs. Blythe, half-way up the stairs, heard Mary's surprised cry, "Oh, Phil!" and nodded sagely to herself. "He's come instead of writing, just as I thought he would. Wise man!"
                                                                                    Mary Ware's Promised Land by Annie F. Johnston

   The Carl lifted him then and put him sitting into his ship. Then he raised his big boot and gave the boat a kick that drove it seven leagues out into the sea, and that was how the adventure of Cael of the Iron finished.
   "Who are you, sir?" said Fionn to the Carl.
But before answering the Carl's shape changed into one of splendour and delight.
   "I am ruler of the Shi' of Rath Cruachan," he said.
Then Fionn mac Uail made a feast and a banquet for the jovial god, and with that the tale is ended of the King of Thessaly's son and the Carl of the Drab Coat.
                                                                                 Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens

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