Monday, October 5, 2015

Cattle Drive 9/24/15

I live in ranching country.  Every spring the local ranchers drive their cattle up to the summer pastures (usually in late May) and in the end of September the bring them back down.  Well every spring and summer they drive them right past our house.  We love sitting out in the front yard and watching them.  Well I snapped some photos and I thought that I would do a blog post about it.  So here you all are.

My little siblings.  Left to right: Spiffy, Sandy, Jill, Joni, Shorty and Jenny.




And more Cows.

And would you believe it?!  More COWS!!!!!

Daisy watching a few dogs that were helping.
And now some of the gorgeous horses that were being ridden.  And a mule.


Red Roan.  I love this horse.

I think that that is a Halflinger over there, but I'm not sure.

And this stunning Grulla.

Love the Buckskin and the Grulla's face.

The best picture of the Grulla.

This one looked like a Blue Roan in person, but has a bit of a reddish tint on the computer.

And a Dapple Grey.  I love Dapple Greys.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I want to be there sooooooo bad!!!!!!!!
    beautiful pictures there all so great!!!!!!! :D ~Taz