Saturday, October 31, 2015

Favorite Five

  Mehitabel sighed as she rose.
  "I suppose it must be so," she said, "but it is a great and weary mystery. Moreover, I have yet to see the man I would choose before a plate of early strawberries. And, anyway, pignuts, dug out of the ground and eaten on the tree-tops, are right excellent good!"
                                                                                   Lochinvar by S.R. Crockett

  “It’s just an old Navajo custom.” Ralph grinned uncomfortably. “And that reminds me: If Kitty gets uppity about Carson again, you tell her I said to be nice or I’ll ask my great-uncle to step on her great-uncle’s shadow. That will make her behave!”
                                                                                   Black Treasure by Roger Barlow

"Well!" said Rupert after a pause of deep silence—"now I know what folks mean when they say something 'beats the Dutch.' That beats all I ever saw!—hollow."
                                                                                   The End of a Coil by Susan Warner

This plan met approval. Rupert volunteered to go back and bring Mrs. Copley's belongings safely to Gonda.

  "And while you are about it, bring mine too, my good fellow, will you?" said St. Leger as Rupert was about to go. He spoke somewhat superciliously. But the other answered with cool good humour,

  "All right. I'll do that, on the understanding that you'll do as much for me next time." And he went.
                                                                                   The End of a Coil by Susan Warner

   “At the time the brave gave little sign that he was grateful,” continued Dick, as he figured things out; “but you know that all Indians practice hiding their real feelings. They think it weak to show signs of fear or anything like that. But, at the same time, an Indian can be grateful, and I believe that brave proved it.”

  “He did, oh! he did!” exclaimed Roger, no longer groping in darkness since Dick had thrown light on the mystery. “He knew we were escaping, but he could not find it in his heart to betray the one who had been so kind to him! I shall never believe so badly of Indians after this. My father was right when he told me they could be reached by kindness; and surely he and Uncle Bob ought to know.”
  Somehow all of them fell silent for some time. No doubt they were thinking how strangely they had been favored by Providence.
                                             Pioneer Boys of the Yellowstone by St. George Rathbone

Note: The Pioneer Boys series, by St. George Rathbone were very good books, but I had one problem with them.  WHO IN THE WORLD HAS THREE BOOKS THAT TAKE PLACE ON THE Lewis & Clark Expedition, AND NEVER HAVE A SINGLE MENTION OF Sacajawea?????!!!!!!!!  (rantover)

So that was the only problem I had with the last three books of the series.  I have always loved Sacajawea and it annoyed me very much that they never mentioned her!!! 

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