Friday, October 23, 2015

Things I Have Discovered Lately

I have realized anew, what a brilliant man Peter Jackson is.  Watch the videos below and then tell me if you agree with me.  Of course he couldn't have done it with out the help of all the brilliant actors and actresses and all the people behind the screen.

Around a year ago, when I first started listening to Celtic Woman a lot, I fell in love with their song, 'When You Believe'.  It wasn't until yesterday, that I found out, 'When You Believe', is from Disney's 'Prince of Egypt' soundtrack. 

I has also discovered that addicted to Disney songs. (This by the way, is all Mel's fault.  Just ask her!)

And that, is just a few!!  Well folks, thanks for reading!!


  1. Disney songs are the best ( and veggie tales )

  2. Peter Jackson IS great!

    And Disney! I've been excessively humming/singing A Whole New World lately. :D

    1. Yes!! A Whole New World!! I have been singing it too and it is driving my little brother insane because it then gets stuck in his head and he goes around complaining because he has a "Disney love song" stuck in his head!! It is actually rather amusing!!