Friday, October 16, 2015

October QQ

Linking up with Melody's QQ.

I planned to do this when Melody first posted the prompt, but I couldn't think of anything to do.  Then when I was browsing Pinterest, I came across the picture below and the scene immediately came to me.


This isn't what Owen and Meg look like, or how they are sitting in the Hall, but this is what inspired the scene.

   I sat quietly beside Owen in the dark of the Hall.  He was supposed to leave for the borders tonight.  Only God knew when I would see him again and I wanted to spend the last few minutes with him, even if it was only to sit beside him in the dark.  I could tell that he had something on his mind, and I wondered if he would share it with me.  Finally he roused himself.
  "I have been wondering lately, Meg, why I am fighting in this war?  You know how much I dislike war.  And I is because of Father."
  "Your father?" I asked, puzzled.  Owen was the third of five boys in his family and I knew that his father had never paid much attention to him.  He didn't seem to care what Owen did, so what his father could have to do with it puzzled me.
   "Yes.  You know how much he admires good fighters.  He loves battle and brave warriors.  I joined the border fighters because I thought that if I distinguished myself in that manner, he might notice me.  I thought that maybe I could earn his love that way.  I have always wanted his love, but he has never given it to me.  I have tried other ways and it never worked.  So I thought that maybe, just maybe, this time and this way, would work.  I didn't realize it at the time, but now I know that that is why I joined them.  But then I think of all the people who do love me, and who depend upon me, my mother and sisters, you and your mother, and I wonder if my father's love is worth risking my life for?  Especially if I can't gain his love this way.  I have my Heavenly Father's love, do I really need my Earthly father's love?  When I think like that my part in the war seems needless."
  He stopped and we sat there for a long time.  Then he spoke again taking my hand in his and I could feel the love and caring in his touch though his voice was hard.
  "Then I look at you and I think of what the Sentinians have done to you and I think of what the Sentinians and the Regent have done to our Prince and Princess and I am ready for war!  I am ready to kill every Sentinian who comes within the reach of my sword, even to kill the Regent!  Oh, how I hate him!"
  Just then a horn call rang out in the courtyard and we rose together.
  "I must go now," he whispered.  After a close embrace and a kiss we left the Hall.

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