Monday, November 16, 2015

A Christmas Kiss ~ 2011

Hey Guys!  It is after the 1st of November and we are getting snow so prepare yourselves for some 'Christmas-y' posts!!  I love watching Hallmark Christmas movies.  I know most are cheesy and silly, but I still enjoy watching them.  Last Saturday, Mom, Frank and I, watched our first Christmas movie of the Season.  It was 'A Christmas Kiss', starring Brendan Fehr, Laura Breckenridge, Elizabeth Rohm and Laura Spencer.  It is my second favorite Christmas movie.  For any of you who don't know this movie....well just read on!!

A Christmas Kiss: a movie where two people fall in love largely due to their shared Christmas spirit. :) What's not to adore?:

Wendy Walton (Laura Breckenridge) is the talented, amazing, overworked, hen-pecked assistant of  Interior Designer, Priscilla Hall (an insanely demanding Control Freak, as one of Wendy's friends calls her).  One night she has a spontaneous kiss in an elevator with a very handsome man......and the next morning discovers that he is Miss Hall's boyfriend.

I really enjoy this one.  Yeah it is rasther cheesy in some parts, but it also has a few really cool twists and the minor characters are soo cool!!  Below are the characters.

Main Characters

Wendy Walton (Heroine) and Adam Hughes (Hero)

A Christmas Kiss ~ Wendy Walton and Adam Hughes:
Nice makeup on Wendy right?  I love her makeup here!!  But it is done by a pro!!

Priscilla Hall (Villainess)

A Christmas Kiss ~ Priscilla Hall:
The Winter Witch (as Mom calls her).

Minor Characters

Caroline ~ Wendy's Roommate/Best Friend/Actress/Waitress

A Christmas Kiss ~ Caroline:
Love this face of Caroline's!!

Tressa ~ Wendy's Roommate/Best Friend/Makeup Artist
Charlie ~ Janitor at the local Theatre/Adam's Friend/Wendy's Friend/Tressa's Partner-in-Crime

A Christmas Kiss ~ Charlie, Tressa and Wendy:
Charlie, Tressa and Wendy.  I know you can't see Charlie's face, but it was the only pic I could find of him.

On the whole, it is just one really good movie and I highly recommend that you watch it.  There are a few less the desirable words, but they aren't that bad.

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