Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Favorite Jane Austen Dresses

Here are a few of my favorite dresses from the movie adaptions of Jane Austen's novels.

1995 Pride & Prejudice
Jane's dress.
A full length picture of Jane's dress.

There is a dress of Jane's that I can't find a picture of that I really, really like.  It is white sheer, with white polka dots.

2009 Emma
And I just had to throw in this face of Emma's because it is so funny!!


  1. Oooh! I really like Lizzy's plain white day dress, and then her olive green, more casual evening dress with the white overthrow-thingy (I don't know my fashion jargon, I admit). And Emma's wardrobe is just lovely;) And haha! Yes! That picture of her face!

    1. Yes!! I think that my favorite of Lizzie's is the White one!

      And Emma!! Love Romola Garai!!

  2. AHHH. I love them all. Especially Emma's. :-)