Monday, November 30, 2015

The Christmas Card ~ 2006

Another lovely Christmas movie!!  I watched it with Frank on Saturday night.  And I ate some yummy pizza and a few cookies.

I love this movie! The story takes place where I live in Nevada City, CA and was filmed on location here too.:

Sergeant Cody Cullen receives a Christmas card from a young woman, Faith Spellman, while serving a tour of duty.  He is touched and gratified by it and it keeps him going through the horrors of war.  When his best friend, Jonesy, is killed while they unload supplies, Cody is sent back to the states.  One of his jobs back there is to deliver Jonesy effects to his fiancee.....who lives in the same town as Faith.  While there he attends church the next morning and winds up saving Faith's father's life.  Taken in by the Spellman family, he helps out at the family lumber mill and spends quite a bit of time with Faith.....and then her 'traveling boyfriend' shows up!

Sorry that this post isn't as detailed as my other ones.  My brain is kind of fried!

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