Monday, November 16, 2015

A Princess For Christmas ~ 2011

Another lovely Christmas movie!!  Mom and I watched it on I don't remember what night.  It is pretty cheesy, but Katie McGrath makes it tolerable.

I missed Hallmark's 2011 movie, A Princess for Christmas. Hopefully, I'll get to see it one day soon. #hallmark #Christmas #princesses:

It is Christmas and a rough time for Jules Daly (Katie McGrath) and her nephew and niece.  The kids parents died a year ago, Jules has just lost her job, the nanny has quit, Milo (her nephew) snuck out and stole a video game that has a high rating and Jules is at her wits end.  Then Paisley Winterbottom arrives with an invitation for the whole family to spend Christmas at Castlebury Hall....with the children's Grandfather who disowned their father for marrying their mother.

Main Characters

Jules Daly ~ Heroine

Actress: Katie McGrath

Ashton Huntingdon ~ Hero

A Princess For Christmas:
Actor: Sam Heughan

 Lady Arabella ~ Villainess

A Princess For Christmas ~ Lady Arabella:
Actress: Charlotte Salt

Minor Characters

Grandpa Huntingdon/The Duke of Castlebury

A Princess For Christmas ~ The Duke:
Actor; Roger Moore

Milo Huntingdon

A Princess For Christmas ~ Milo:
Actor: Travis Turner

Maddie Huntingdon

Talk about adorable!  Actress: Leilah de Meza

Paisley Winterbottom ~ Butler of Castlebury Hall

A Princess For Christmas ~ Paisley Winterbottom:
I adore Paisley!  Actor: Miles Richardson

And the Staff

Mrs. Birch ~ Head Housekeeper/Jules' maid
Abigail ~ Maid/Maddie's caretaker
Floyd ~ Underbutler/Milo's caretaker

This is the best picture that I could find of them.

Left to right: Mrs. Birch, Abigail, Milo, Floyd, Jules, Maddie and Paisley.

And a few really good pictures.

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The whole family.

The whole family including Paisley.

A Princess For Christmas:
I love Grandpa dancing with Maddie!

A Princess For Christmas:
Nice dip though her dress is UGLY!!!

The Christmas Eve Ball. Check out our review of A Princess For Christmas here:
Paisley like a Guardian Angel in the background!

A Princess for Christmas:
Good ole Ashton.

Katie McGrath - A Princess For Christmas (2011):

I hope you all enjoyed my little review and I highly suggest that you watch this movie.  Hulu has it right now.


  1. Oh, I've watched this one! Haha, I like how you summed it up: "It is pretty cheesy, but Katie McGrath makes it tolerable." xD So true, though. Aww, I know, Maddie was soooo adorable. And I seem to remember really liking Paisley too! Thanks for all the pictures, I enjoyed it:)

    1. YOU HAVE SEEN THIS MOVIE TOO!! Girl we SOOOO have to meet each other!!!