Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Movies I Watched In April 2016

Titles with nothing before them I watched for the first time.

Titles with ** before them are re-watches.

Titles with # before them I watched with my little siblings.

City Hunter ~ 2011 ~ 7 eps


Goodness this drama is good!!  Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young make an amazing and hilarious team!

When Calls the Heart ~ 2014 ~ 3 eps


At first I refused to watch this show because I knew how Michael Landon Jr. had utterly ruined the Love Comes Softly series when he made them into movies.  But then a friend kept telling me to watch it, so I did some research and discovered that this TV series isn't about Elizabeth Thatcher Delaney (the girl who the books are about), but her niece Elizabeth Thatcher.  So I agreed to watching it.  Mom, who is watching it with me, very much dislikes it!  I am convinced that the reason Michael Landon Jr. made it her niece, was because everyone disliked what he did to Love Comes Softly and if he used a niece, then he could take the basic plot-line of the books, throw all of his 'additions' and people wouldn't be furious because "you are ruining the books!"

Bride & Prejudice ~ 2005


This movie, while extremely hilarious and a very good adaption of P&P, had a few issues.  Mainly crudities.  But I liked it a lot and I wouldn't be adverse to watching it again.

# ** The Secret of Moonacre ~ 2009

I'm sure you all are thinking by now, "Man, she watches that movie a lot!"  It is the third time that I have seen it this year!  My little siblings really love it!

Elizabethtown ~ 2005


We watched this movie after watching the 3rd episode of When Calls the Heart.  Mom need something to 'wash the bad taste out of her mouth'.  It was rather amusing to see Orlando Bloom (who of course I am used to seeing with long blond hair and a long-bow), dressed in modern clothing and playing a shoe designer!  And Kirsten Dunst is just adorable! 

Mulan II ~ 2004


While I didn't think the plot was as well done as the first movie, it still had it's good parts.  Plus a lot of quotable Mushu moments!  And, "Did that sound like an order?"  "It sounded like a friendly suggestion!"

Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard ~ 2009


I have only watched a little over the first half of this.  Mel and I were pulling a 'long-nighter' because Mom was gone.  We watched Mulan II and started this, but then Mel wasn't feeling very well so we haven't finished it.  It was very amusing and the hero, Jeon Woo-chi, is a pain in the rear!

# ** Avengers Assemble ~ 2013 ~ ep 2


And some more lovely quotable Avengers!


  1. I actually just re-read The Little White Horse (the book The Secret of Moonacre is based off of). :)

    1. YOU HAVE READ THAT BOOK?!?!?!?!?! I want to read it SOOOOOOOOOO badly!!