Friday, January 22, 2016

Dressing Up My Sisters

A few months ago, I dressed up Jill and Jenny as Boarding School girls.  Joni was playing a boy that day so we don't have pictures of her.  And then yesterday they wanted me to dress them up again and here are the results of both times.

Boarding School Girls



I don't know what happened that I wasn't able to take as many pictures of Jenny.

And the Fancy Ladies

Jill ~ As a Gypsy


Joni ~ As a Rich Man's Daughter

Jenny ~ As a Princess

We have snow on the ground outside so we couldn't take these out there.  The lighting isn't as good.  Sorry.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Amazing Songs

Do you ever listen to songs and have a WOW moment?  This evening I was listening to a few Christian rock songs and had one.  They reminded me how truly amazing God is and how he cares for us.  Here are the ones that I was listening to.

Newsboys ~ My Friend Jesus

This song has always made me laugh....and then think, "This is so true.  What would this world be like is everyone Talked like Jesus, Loved like Jesus and Forgave like Jesus? This would certainly be a changed world!!"

Peter Furler ~ Reach

I feel the truth of this song so often.

Peter Furler ~ All In Your Head

I think that we would all benefit (I know I would) from remembering this a little more often!!!

Group 1 Crew ~ He Said

I know the truth of this song Oh! so well!!!  It has helped me through some pretty tough times.

Selah ~ One Thing I Know

Selah ~ I'd Rather Have Jesus

This was my Daddy's favorite hymn and I pray daily for the strength to be this way also.

Also friends, check out THIS post by Abigail.  Isn't it amazing?  I am in total agreement with it!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Favorite Five

I have been reading Grace Livingston Hill lately, so here are a few from her.

  "She wanted ta know, was you here, an' I said no.  You wasn't, you know, you was out in the hall, but I didn't hafta tell that.  I didn't want her comin' back."
                                                                                    Astra by Grace Livingston Hill

  "Well," said Bonny slowly,from the depths of the pantry where she was putting the sponge cake on a plate to cool, "she didn't go a horseback, not that I saw."  It was mortifyingly evident that Bonny hadn't noticed George Horton's fetching golden eyelashes yet and George was not used to that.
                                                                                   Amorelle by Grace Livingston Hill

  And it was about this time that Miranda, having been sent over to take a forgotten piece of bride's cake to Marcia, and having heard the piano, and having stolen discreetly to the parlor window for a moment, returned and detailed for the delectation of that most unhappy guest Mrs. Leavenworth why she could not get in and would have to deliver it in the morning:

  "The window was open in the parlor and they were in there, them two, but they was so plum took up with their two selves, as they always are, that there wasn't no use knockin' fer they'd never hev heard."

  Miranda enjoyed making those remarks to the guest.  Some keen instinct always told her where to best strike her blows.
                                                                                   Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill

    "He's all that," said Miranda, "an' a heap more.  He's made that poor stupid Albert Deane think all these things is true, an he's come whinin' 'round with his 'sorry this' an' 'sorry that', an' offered to marry Phoebe Deane to save her reputation.  Oh, I'd like to see him strung up, I would.  There's only one man I ever heard tell of who was so mean, and he lived here in New York.  His name was Temple, Harry Temple.  Ef you ever come acrost him just give him a dig for my sake.  He an' Hiram Green ought to be tied up in a bag together an' sent off the earth to stay.  One o' them big, hot-lookin' stars would be a fine place, I often think at night.
                                                                                    Phoebe Deane by Grace Livingston Hill

  "Enoch---Taylor---says---ef---you---don't---confess---to-night---before---midnight---you'll---die---and---he ain't goin'---to---leave---you---till---you---confess."
  She jabbed her finger straight forward blindly and it went through the roached hair on Lawrence Billings's shrinking head and pointed straight at nothing, but Lawrence Billings  jumped and shrieked.  In the confusion Miranda dropped apparently senseless in the kitchen doorway; but just before she dropped she gave David another slow, solemn wink with one eye.
                                                                                    Miranda by Grace Livingston Hill


Friday, January 15, 2016


Have any of you ever colored a Mandala?  I really, really enjoy coloring them and I thought that I would share with you all the link yo one of my favorite places to get them from.

Don't Eat the Paste.  Her Mandalas are AMAZING!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Some Very Cool Songs

Here are a few songs that I have discovered lately that I really, really like.

Celtic Woman feat. Oonagh ~ Tir na nOg

I am a very big fan of Celtic Woman so naturally I listened to this song when it came out.  This song introduced me to Oonagh, whose music I have since come to adore.  

Oonagh feat. Santiano ~ Vergiss mein nicht

Oonagh ~ Orome

Oonagh ~ Avalon

Oonagh ~ Christmas Secrets

I hope you all enjoy them!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Favorite Five

I know it has been awhile since I last did one of these posts.  Hopefully I will be a bit more regular this year!  Since I have been reading Georgette Heyer lately, this will be a post of quotes form her books.

Suddenly the silence was shattered.  The Most Noble the Marquis of Rotherham had succumbed to uncontrollable laughter.
                                                                                    Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer

"Well you might not have kissed me, but I had every intention of kissing you, so it's just as well he didn't announce me," said Mr Calverleigh.  "Do you always kiss gentlemen who walk in unannounced?  I'll take good care none is allowed to do so when we are married!"
                                                                                    The Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer

"Oh, no!  Frederica and Jessamy knew it wasn't true, of course.  In fact, Frederica said, afterwards, that she utterly forbade me to plague you to take me.  But I am not plaguing you: I am just asking you, sir!  She says you don't wish to see a balloon ascension, but I think it would be a treat for you!"
                                                                                    Frederica by Georgette Heyer

The Marquis had been leaning one hand on the back of Jessamy's chair, but he transferred it to Jessamy's shoulder.  Obedient to it's pressure, Jessamy remained silent.
                                                                                   Frederica by Georgette Heyer

Then it was that Mr Beaumaris, looking across the room at Arabella, all flushed cheeks and heaving bosom, astonished the company, and himself as well.  "Yes," he said. "I will."
                                                                                   Arabella by Georgette Heyer

The ones from Frederica make a lot more sense if you have read the book.

Friday, January 8, 2016

7 Weeks Old........And Goodbye

Well the time has come to part with our little darlings.  It is sad to see them go, but we can't keep them.  Even sadder then seeing them go, is seeing how sad it makes my little siblings.  There have been and will be more, tears.  But too quote Gandalf, "I will not say, 'Do not weep', for not all tears are an evil."  So without any further ado, here are the last pictures of them.







Daisy and some of them.

Cinderella ~ Would You Rather

Cordy, of Write On, Cordy, came up with a game for the Cinderella Week.  It looks like a lot of fun, so here goes!!

1. Would you rather have to clean the house or work in the yard?
  THE YARD!!  I very much prefer the yard or the barn to my bedroom.  I know.  Sad.

2. Would you rather your fairy godmother create a dress in the place of the ruined one, or restore it to its original form?
  I think a new one.

3. Would you rather have a pink or blue dress?
  Blue!!  A nice dark, deep blue.

4. Would you rather have your hair pulled up/back or leave it down and styled?
  Half and half.  Like the style where you take sections from either side of you head and secure them behind, but have the rest hanging loose.  I have to have my hair kept back from my face.

5. Would you rather arrive to the ball by coach or horse? (I've seen at least one version where Cinderella used a horse.) Show us an example of your chosen transportation. 
  Coach!  THIS.  Pulled by THESE.

6. Would you rather be Cinderella, as in the belle of the ball, or simply an attendee of the event?
  I think an attendee.  I don't like being the center of attention.

7. Would you rather sing the duet 'Ten Minutes Ago' with the prince while dancing or slip on the stairs while entering the ball?
  Trip on the stairs!!

8. Would you rather, for a movie, be cast as an evil step-sister or the fairy godmother?
  I don't know!  Probably the Fairy Godmother.

9. Would you rather your prince wear green or blue? would really depend on what color I was wearing.

10. Would you rather put the slipper on yourself or do you want the prince to place it on your foot?
  Well it would be more romantic for him to put it on, but it also might be kinda embarrassing!!  Probably him put it on!! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cinderella Week Tag



Cinderella Party Tag:

1. In the vast array of fairytale heroines, what particular character qualities most define Cinderella? 
   Remaining a sweet and loving girl despite the horrible life she lives.

2. What are some of the deeper, big picture differences you see between retellings where both stepsisters are nasty and others where one is nasty and one is kind? How do you think the two takes differently develop/illuminate/affect Cinderella’s character and also the overarching story itself?
   Well Cinderella definitely has a bit of an easier life when one is kind.

3. Are you an animal lover? Would you eagerly count mice, lizards, cows, and geese as friends? Dogs and cats? 
   Yes!  Cows, geese, dogs and cats, but not really mice or lizards.  I don't like rodents and reptiles.

4. After asking question #3, I realized how remarkably many of the adaptations I’ve seen have Cinderella either horseback riding or involved with horses. Have you ever ridden? If so, have you ever ridden sidesaddle or bareback? 
   Yes.  No.  And yes!!!  Although I haven't ridden in a few years.

5. Your favorite Cinderella dress/s? 
   Danielle's Ball Dress from Ever After, Cinderella's Ball gown and the Fairy Godmother's dress from the 2015 Cinderella, although I haven't actually ever seen it.

6. Do you ever think of Cinderella while doing your household chores? :)
   No.  I'm afraid I daydream about other things!!!

7. What major character traits do you think are essential in a faithful prince? 
   Ummmm.......Clean, Honorable and Strong.  (Strong in character, not physically.)

8. Your top THREE favorite fairy tales (as in the original folk tales, not adaptations). 
   I haven't actually read any of the originals, but I know that Beauty and the Beast would definitely be one of them.

9. Your top FIVE current favorite fairy tale/legend type films (BESIDES any Cinderella adaptations). 
   Mirror, Mirror, Mulan (1998) and I know that there are more, but my brain is at a blank right now!!!

10. If you could play Cinderella and the story could be set in any region of the world and any time period, what would you pick? And what would your dream ‘ball gown’ for it be like? 
   Oh goodness!!  Well I think that I would have to choose to set it in Italy in the 1890's.  This would be a cool dress.

11. And (purely for fun :))… what color/s do you immediately associate with Cinderella?
  Blue and sparkly!!  I know sparkly isn't really a color, but........

Monday, January 4, 2016

6 Weeks Old

So the little squiggly darlings have graduated to living outside.  They are very much enjoying it.  Here are their 6 week old pictures.