Friday, January 8, 2016

Cinderella ~ Would You Rather

Cordy, of Write On, Cordy, came up with a game for the Cinderella Week.  It looks like a lot of fun, so here goes!!

1. Would you rather have to clean the house or work in the yard?
  THE YARD!!  I very much prefer the yard or the barn to my bedroom.  I know.  Sad.

2. Would you rather your fairy godmother create a dress in the place of the ruined one, or restore it to its original form?
  I think a new one.

3. Would you rather have a pink or blue dress?
  Blue!!  A nice dark, deep blue.

4. Would you rather have your hair pulled up/back or leave it down and styled?
  Half and half.  Like the style where you take sections from either side of you head and secure them behind, but have the rest hanging loose.  I have to have my hair kept back from my face.

5. Would you rather arrive to the ball by coach or horse? (I've seen at least one version where Cinderella used a horse.) Show us an example of your chosen transportation. 
  Coach!  THIS.  Pulled by THESE.

6. Would you rather be Cinderella, as in the belle of the ball, or simply an attendee of the event?
  I think an attendee.  I don't like being the center of attention.

7. Would you rather sing the duet 'Ten Minutes Ago' with the prince while dancing or slip on the stairs while entering the ball?
  Trip on the stairs!!

8. Would you rather, for a movie, be cast as an evil step-sister or the fairy godmother?
  I don't know!  Probably the Fairy Godmother.

9. Would you rather your prince wear green or blue? would really depend on what color I was wearing.

10. Would you rather put the slipper on yourself or do you want the prince to place it on your foot?
  Well it would be more romantic for him to put it on, but it also might be kinda embarrassing!!  Probably him put it on!! 


  1. Yea!! I'm so glad you found the game and that you enjoyed yourself!

    5. I love how you included the picture of the horses. :) They're so beautiful!
    6. Ditto. I can't imagine having so many eyes on me! Yikes!


    1. :)

      I love horses and coaches and all that!!!

      :) I sometimes even dislike it when everyone (usually just my family) watches me open gifts on my birthday!

    2. I know what you mean. I don't want my family watching either. I just...don't stare at me. Hahaha. I can only handle a few eyes on me at once! :)

    3. I really hate it when my little brother stares at me while I am serving their food. I have no idea WHY he does it!! Does he like think that I will eat half of his food before I give it to him? It drives me CRAZY!!!!

  2. Aww fun answers! I love how you chose slipping on the stairs rather than singing 10 Minutess Ago. While I love singing that song (to myself, lol) I would rather trip on the stairs too!

    1. To tell the truth......I don't even KNOW that song, but I DO know that I would rather trip on the stairs!!!