Saturday, January 16, 2016

Favorite Five

I have been reading Grace Livingston Hill lately, so here are a few from her.

  "She wanted ta know, was you here, an' I said no.  You wasn't, you know, you was out in the hall, but I didn't hafta tell that.  I didn't want her comin' back."
                                                                                    Astra by Grace Livingston Hill

  "Well," said Bonny slowly,from the depths of the pantry where she was putting the sponge cake on a plate to cool, "she didn't go a horseback, not that I saw."  It was mortifyingly evident that Bonny hadn't noticed George Horton's fetching golden eyelashes yet and George was not used to that.
                                                                                   Amorelle by Grace Livingston Hill

  And it was about this time that Miranda, having been sent over to take a forgotten piece of bride's cake to Marcia, and having heard the piano, and having stolen discreetly to the parlor window for a moment, returned and detailed for the delectation of that most unhappy guest Mrs. Leavenworth why she could not get in and would have to deliver it in the morning:

  "The window was open in the parlor and they were in there, them two, but they was so plum took up with their two selves, as they always are, that there wasn't no use knockin' fer they'd never hev heard."

  Miranda enjoyed making those remarks to the guest.  Some keen instinct always told her where to best strike her blows.
                                                                                   Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill

    "He's all that," said Miranda, "an' a heap more.  He's made that poor stupid Albert Deane think all these things is true, an he's come whinin' 'round with his 'sorry this' an' 'sorry that', an' offered to marry Phoebe Deane to save her reputation.  Oh, I'd like to see him strung up, I would.  There's only one man I ever heard tell of who was so mean, and he lived here in New York.  His name was Temple, Harry Temple.  Ef you ever come acrost him just give him a dig for my sake.  He an' Hiram Green ought to be tied up in a bag together an' sent off the earth to stay.  One o' them big, hot-lookin' stars would be a fine place, I often think at night.
                                                                                    Phoebe Deane by Grace Livingston Hill

  "Enoch---Taylor---says---ef---you---don't---confess---to-night---before---midnight---you'll---die---and---he ain't goin'---to---leave---you---till---you---confess."
  She jabbed her finger straight forward blindly and it went through the roached hair on Lawrence Billings's shrinking head and pointed straight at nothing, but Lawrence Billings  jumped and shrieked.  In the confusion Miranda dropped apparently senseless in the kitchen doorway; but just before she dropped she gave David another slow, solemn wink with one eye.
                                                                                    Miranda by Grace Livingston Hill


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