Monday, January 2, 2017

Book I Read In December 2016

Titles that have nothing before them are books that I read for the first time.

Titles with this ** before them, are books that I re-read.

 Titles with # before them, are books that I read out loud to my little siblings.

Titles in ( ), are books borrowed from the Library.

(The Friendship Doll) ~ Kirby Larson
** The Good Master ~ Kate Seredy
** The Singing Tree ~ Kate Seredy
** Imprisoned In the Golden City ~ Dave & Neta Jackson
Venetia ~ Georgette Heyer
** Monsieur Beaucaire ~ Booth Tarkington
The Princess Bride ~ William Goldman
Singing Down the Moon ~ Scott O'Dell
Light In the Forest ~ Conrad Richter
The Mistmantle Chronicles: Urchin of the Riding Stars ~ M.I. McAllistair
Under the Tonto Rim ~ Zane Grey
When Tomorrow Comes ~ Janette Oke *
(A Young Cowboy's Adventures) ~ Stu Campbell
The Curate's Awakening ~ George MacDonald *
The Lady's Confession ~ George MacDonald
(Catching Fire) ~ Suzanne Collins *
(Mockingjay) ~ Suzanne Collins
Code of the West ~ Zane Grey *
Wyoming ~ Zane Grey
The Mysterious Rider ~ Zane Grey
The Wonderful Garden/ or The Three C's ~ E. Nesbit
# ** The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ~ J.R.R. Tolkien *
# ** Ella Enchanted ~ Gail Carson Levine
** Five Glass Slippers ~ Various
(Guardian's of Ga'Hoole: The Capture) ~ Kathryn Lasky
(Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) ~ Rick Riordan *

* I was quite disappointed by this story.  I love Janette's work, but I was disappointed.  There were the three guys, Mountie, Doctor and Preacher.  Doctor got her and I liked the Mountie best.  Yeah, the Doctor was a cool guy, but I like the Mountie better.  And it's not very often that the guy I like doesn't get the girl!

* Wow!  This man was an absolutely amazing man!  These were really good books!!  Really good!

* Oh this was an amazing series!  I wanted to punch Katniss multiple times because she is just so clueless when she has no excuse for being clueless.  Suzanne did an amazing job!

* Oh!  Tuck Merry!  He is the best!

* Finished reading LotR to my little siblings for the first time!  They absolutely adored it and can't wait for more!

* This was an interesting, and even amusing (sometimes) story, but it didn't grab me and demand that I read the rest of the series.  

  I read 124 NEW books this year!


  1. The Friendship Doll I will have to read because I like Kirby Larson. My dad just finished reading The Princess Bride!! What did you think of the first Guardians of Ga'Hoole? I really need to reread those. WOW! 124!!??? That's great!!! Happy New Year!

    1. The first Guardian's of Ga'Holle was, wow! It was really good. I wouldn't recommended anyone under 10 reading it though.

  2. Wow, you read those ALL in December?? Awesome!

  3. I reread the LotR this past year.

    I remember my friends like a decade ago describing a Janette Oake book in which the girl chooses the wrong guy; its got to be the same one.

    I feel like Katniss is being intentionally ignorant.

    1. I sadly wasn't able to re-watch LOTR at ALL last year.

      :) She really did choose the right guy for where she was going in life, I just liked the other guy better.

      Exactly. Intentionally ignorant/clueless when she has no excuse to be clueless. But that's how good Ms. Collins is. She wrote Katniss that way but isn't portraying that behavior as a good thing. No, she portrays it as a bad thing. Just think of the youknowwho/youknowwho conversation she (Katniss) overhears in Mockingjay. "Which of us do you think she'll choose?" "Which ever one she thinks she can't live without."