Monday, May 1, 2017

So this is how Liberty dies...with Thunderous Applause...

  No, my liberty isn't dying, I watched Revenge of the Sith last night.  For the first time - well, the first time I watched the whole movie.  Years ago I saw the ending at a friends house.  It was a good movie, much better then Attack of the Clones but it was sooooooooo sad!!!!!!

  I know I haven't posted a lot this year.  I really should post more.  I've been doing a few new (and according to most of my family, CRAZY) things and I haven't gotten a few things done that I wanted to.

  From April 3rd to May 3rd, I went on a Vegan diet (yes, I haven't finished yet).  My whole family thinks I'm crazy fro this....except for my twin sister.  And I didn't do it for health reasons or anything like that...I just did it because I wanted to see what it was like.

by Paul Brennan

  I stayed off of Pinterest for Lent.  My whole family supported this.  It was surprisingly easy and since the 14th of April, I haven't been on there as much as I used to.

  I've been bouncing back and forth between wanting to be around people and gobbling up books and wanting people to keep the blazes away from me and shuddering at the thought of reading books.  Normally I love people and books, but lately they just haven't been appealing.

  I have also been to the local Library twice in the last month (both times were when I was in a books mood) which has been amazing because before that it had been close to 10 years since I was last in a library. 

by Vicky Van de Kerckhoven

  I have now seen the Original and Prequel Star Wars trilogies.  That was a lot of fun.  I like the Original Trilogy best.

  I still haven't seen Beauty and the Beast, which is rather disappointing.  Normally when a new movie comes out, I don't mind seeing all the spoilers and all that, but I have gone out of my way to avoid spoilers for B&tB, and I haven't listened to any of the songs.

  I am almost finished reading John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice series.  I brought home #'s 11 and 12 from the library today.  So far I'm absolutely loving the series and I ship Will and Alyss (sorry Andie!).  Mel has hinted that a SHE dies in 11 or 12 and that I'm not going to like it.  We shall see.

by Karen Arnold

  I haven't gotten as far on re-reading LOTR to my little sibs as I should have.  We're supposed to be starting the first part of Return of the King, but we're still in the first part of Fellowship of the Ring.  My bad.

  I've been having lots of fun using Mom's new Spiralizer.  Also the Ninja style Food Processor that she found at the thrift store.  I'm totally loving making smoothies and I think I discovered how to copycat the McDonald's Wild Berry Smoothie!!  YUM!!!

  I've probably posted on Instagram too much.

by Paul Brennan

  I haven't done enough writing.

  I've found and fallen in love with The Great British Bake Off and another UK program Escape to the Country.

  I've been re-watching the kdrama Healer and I'm part way through Oh My Venus.  That one's hilarious.

  And I'm sure there are more things I could update you on, but I can't think of them right now.

by Karen Arnold

  Oh!!  I am really, really looking forward to seeing my good friends MovieCritic and PioneerGirl in a few days!  Can't wait to see you girls!!!

  I'm also hoping that pretty soon another friend, Keturah Lamb, will be able to come down and spend a weekend.

  Well, that's all the updates that my fried brain can think of.  Hopefully I can come up with things to post more often.  See ya later folks!!


  1. REVENGE OF THE SITH. MY HEART. Seriously killed me. ;)

    Yeah, the prequels are fun but the originals are always the best. :D

    I'm sorry you haven't seen BatB yet! Hopefully you can see it soon.

    Ahhh, I'm going to start the Ranger's Apprentice soon. I don't know what I'll think, but I put it on my "20 Books I Must Read in 2017" list, so we'll see!

    Good post(bonus points for the title). :) I love random life updates.

    1. Like I said, beautiful, but heartbreaking.


      Me too.

      It's good......and that's all I'm going to say. But let me know when you start.

      Thanks! ;)

  2. Hey, your life sounds more put together than mine ;p Love this update post.. so fun! I was just thinking, "When can I go see her?" I'm still trying to figure that out ;p

    1. Yeah, it always sounds more put together when I type it up.

  3. Yes, the first three are SOOOOO much better than the last three! I'm so glad that you saw them the way that they were made and not the way they are "supposed" to go. The suprises are not spoiled! Have you seen the seventh one yet? It is pretty good too!

    Don't worry, you'll see BatB soon!!! (In the meantime watch the cartoon one first, then you will see how much better the new one is! :D)

    I can't wait to see you too!!! It will be so fun!!! :D :D Just a few more days...just a few more days...just a few days...

    1. Exactly!! No, I haven't seen 7 yet, hopefully soon though.

      I keep trying to watch the cartoon, but I can't find it ANYWHERE!!!!


    2. It was awesome seeing you!!! :)

      By the way, I tagged you. You definitley don't have to do it if you don't want to.