Friday, July 31, 2015

June Quote Quest

Every month Miss Melody Muffin (who happens to be my older sister) over at The Splendor Falls does a link up.  She posts a quote and then you have to write a scene inspired by the quote.  Melody kindly posted my scenes before I had a blog on her blog, but I am going to post my June QQ (I know it is a month late) on mine.

Angry murmurings filled the air as I ride down the avenue in front of a triumphantly smiling procession of Sentinian noblemen.  Things have changed since my uncle made the treaty with Sentina.  The people are no longer smiling and cheerful, but sullen and silent.  They no longer shout my name with honour and love, but whisper it with hatred and loathing.  Even the weather seems to disapprove.  Ever since the humiliating treaty was signed the sky has been full of gray and glowering clouds.  Humiliating not only because it is a treaty with Sentina (who has always been an enemy) and against Kamerat (with whom we have always been on friendly terms), but also since the only reason he made it was that the bewitching daughter of one of Sentina's most prominent noblemen caught his eye and he knows that he will never be able to woo her if our country is on unfriendly terms with hers.  The treaty gives them permission to cross our country to attack Kamerat and to appropriate any crops, shelter or livestock that they might need.  And because my uncle is only Regent, he made the treaty, a treaty that I loathe, in my name!  Is it any wonder that the people now hate me?  But my hands are tied.  The Sentinians hold as a 'sign of goodwill' (which translates to hostage) my younger sister, the person that I love most on this earth.  I know that she will be little more than a prisoner, subject to humiliations and annoyances of every kind.  And I am powerless to save her or my people, for at the first sign of rebellion against them, the Sentinians will kill my sister.

Note: Sentina is a Latin word meaning 'scum' (as in 'scum of the earth').
   Kamerat is a Norwegian word meaning 'Comrade'. 


  1. Oooh! Well done! (And Miss Melody Muffin is your older sister? Huh! That's so cool!:D)

    Anyway, yes, very good! And I really like your signature;)

  2. Thanks!! Most of my QQ scenes come to me while I am washing the supper dishes. I don't know why.

    Yep. She is my older sister!!