Saturday, August 1, 2015

Favorite Five

Ok.  So I decided to post once a week, five of my favorite book quotes.  I have enough to do ten years worth and not repeat any!  :)

"Jack, ye rascal, what do ye mean by hugging and kissing me wife under me very eyes?"
                                                                                ~ The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer

  "Aye, but I know thee," I went on again, "by thy sly and crafty look, by thy scallopped cape and chain of office, I know thee for that same Sheriff of Nottingham that hath sworn to our undoing. Go to! didst' think to take Robin—in the greenwood? Out upon thee! Thy years should have taught thee better wisdom. Out upon thee!"
                                                                              ~ My Lady Caprice by Jeffery Farnol

"Me know!" cried Kate in exasperation.  "All right, Grigori.  But if there is one dead chicken here when I come back, there'll be a dead Russian!"
                                                                             ~ The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy

  "Thee doesn't truly know how to weave and invented star-shaped pattern of woolen twill cloth on thy loom as thee told Sarah Gardner Mendenhall, does thee, Martitia?"
  "No Jonathan."
  "I thought thee was lying a little bit, Martitia." 
                                                                            ~ They Loved To Laugh by Kathryn Worth

“Wal, that feller certainly ought to be strung up an’ walluped, now, fer sure,” remarked Miranda, “an I’d like to help at the wallupin’.”  
                                                                          ~ Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill


  1. Haha! I like this idea. And I like these quotes! I particularly enjoy the first one:D

    1. Yes that is one of the best quote from that book. And spoken by my favorite character!! Have you read any of Georgette Heyer's novels?

  2. Oh there all great!!! I have never read any of those books :) I must read them now!!! ~Taz

  3. These are fun! I love The Singing Tree! That, and it's sequel are so good!

    1. Yes!! I never remember how funny they are until I am reading them again. I always laugh through the WHOLE book!! The way Kate and Grigori go back and forth is TOO funny!!!