Monday, August 10, 2015

The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition

First I will tell you all about one of my goals for this year.  I wanted to watch and read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 3 times each this year.  Read The Hobbit one month, watch the movies the next. Read LOTR one month, watch the movies the next.  So the schedule looks like this:

  • January: Read the Hobbit.  ( I read it out loud to my little brothers, Spiffy and Shorty.)
  • February: Watch the Hobbit Trilogy.  (BotFA wasn't out on DVD yet so I could only watch the first two.)
  • March: Read the Lord of the Rings.  ( BotFA was out so I also watched it.)
  • April: Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  (I technically finished it is May because I was up until 1:30 in the morning of the 1st finishing Return of the King.)  I also watched AUJ again because we showed it to our little siblings, Spiffy Shorty and Jill.
  • May: Read the Hobbit.
  • June: Watch the Hobbit Trilogy.  Spiffy, Shorty and Jill watched AUJ with me and then Mel joined us for DoS because it was the younger ones first time.
  • July: Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
  • August: Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Watch all the Extended Editions!!!!
  • September: Read the Hobbit.
  • October: Watch the Hobbit Trilogy.
  • November: Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
  • December: Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
So last Saturday I watched Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition (that is what this post is really about). We were not able to watch it on our 21" screen iMac (much to my displeasure), but at least we were able to watch it.  I isn't the first time I have seen the EE of FOTR though.  I think that it is the 6th time.  And I loved it as usual.  So prepare yourselves.

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So first.  Preparing for the Party and the Party.   Gandalf and Frodo are really funny.

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  Oh and we can't forget Gandalf's fireworks.  I really want some of them.  And Frodo making Sam dance with Rosie.  And Merry and Pippin stealing the Dragon firework.  I think that that is the best part of the Party.  And the music!  I can never sit still when that music is playing!!

Then we have 'At The Green Dragon'.  I LOVE that scene!
  "Young Mr. Frodo here, he's cracking!" "And proud of it!  Cheers Gaffer!"

"Oi mind who you're sweet talking."
  "Don't worry Sam, Rosie knows an idiot when she sees one."

And 'A Short Cut to Mushrooms'.  .

  "Sam! We're still in the Shire.  What could possibly happen?"

The disgust on Sam's face when he pulls Pippin off of Frodo is priceless.

Merry: "Dunno why he's so upset.  Its only a couple of carrots."
Pippin: "And some cabbages and those few bags of potatoes that we lifted last week.  And the mushrooms the week before."
Merry: "Yes Pippin, my point is, he's clearly over reacting! Run!

And the look on Merry's face when Frodo says that he has to live the Shire.  Then he nods and says, "Right. Bucklebury Ferry.  Follow me."

And then ssssssqqqquuuuueeeeeeeeaaaaaallllll!!!!!!!!! (I do a lot of squealing when I am watching these movies).  'At the Inn of the Prancing Pony'.

"It comes in pints?  I'm getting one!"

" He's one of them rangers. They're dangerous folk they are.  Wandering the wilds.  What his right name is, I've never heard, but round here, he's known as Strider."

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"You draw far too much attention to yourself Mr Underhill!"

"You have a stout heart little hobbit! But that will not save you.  You can no longer wait for the wizard Frodo. They're coming"

'A Knife in the Dark'
 I love how the Hobbits stand back to back.  And Strider!!!!  Just in the nick of time!!!!

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'Flight to the Ford'
"What's this?  A Ranger caught off his guard?"  And the look on Aragorn's face!!

"If you want him.  Come and claim him!"

"No!  Frodo!  No!  Frodo don't give in now!"

In Rivendell.  I love everything about Rivendell.  The scenery, the architecture, the costumes.  It is all amazing.  I particularly love Elrond's cloak when he is talking with Gandalf and Arwen's Bridge dress.  Also the changes made to Elrond's character and his doubt of Men is kind of annoying.

Boromir!!!  Legolas!!!!!  Gimli!!

Boromir: "You are no elf."
Aragorn: "The men of the South are welcome here."

'The Council of Elrond'
Sharing all my thoughts on all the amazing costumes her would take far to long.  Lets just say that Elrond's is amazing and I love Legolas's cloak.

"This is no mere Ranger.  This is Aragorn, so of Arathorn.  You owe him your allegiance."   Aragorn's face right here is...I can't think of the right word.  But I love it.  And the look that passes between Aragorn and Frodo.

"I will be dead before I see the Ring in the hands of an Elf!!"

And sssssqquueeeaaall again!!!  Lovey this part of this scene!! 
Frodo: "I will take it.  I will take it!  I will take the Ring to Mordor.  Though I do not know the way."
Gandalf: "I will help you bear this burden Frodo Baggins, as long as it is yours to bear."
Aragorn: "If by my life or death I can protect you, I will." kneels before Frodo "You have my sword."
Legolas: "And my bow."
Gimli: "And my axe!"
Boromir: "You carry the fate of us all little one.  If this is indeed the will of the Council, then Gondor will see it done."  And Aragorn's hand on Frodo's shoulder right here.
Sam shouts and comes running in: "Mr. Frodo's not going anywhere without me!"
Elrond, smiling: "No indeed.  It is hardly possible to seperate you, even when he is summoned to a secret council and you are not!"
Merry and Pippin run in: "Wait! we're coming too!"  Gandalf's face is really good.  He knows Hobbit's so well.  These Hobbits in particular. 
Merry: "You'll have to send us home tied up in a sack to stop us."
Pippin: "Anyway you need people of intelligence on this sort of"
Merry: "I guess that rules you out Pip."
Elrond: "Nine companions.  So be it!  You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring!"
Pippin: "Right.  When do we start?"

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'Gilraen's Memorial'
This is a really cool scene but again Elrond's attitude annoys me.

'The Departure of the Fellowship'
I love this scene. Aragorn and Legolas especially.  And the look between Aragorn and Arwen.

Also: "Mordor, Gandalf, is is right or left?"  "Left"

'The Ring Goes South'
The interaction between Boromir and Merry and Pippin is really cool.  I love how he is teaching them swordplay.  And then when the tackle him and then throw Aragorn is really funny!  Another thing I love is that when there is danger (i.e. when the birds come) Boromir immediately yells/grabs Merry and Pippin and Aragorn goes for Frodo.

'The Pass of Caradhras'
When Boromir picks up the Ring, Aragorn's protective attitude is really, really cool.

Although the scene with the Watcher is slightly scary it is one on my favorites.  Not only do I love how, when the are in danger the Hobbits always immediately yell for 'Strider', but it is also one of the few scenes when you see Aragorn and Boromir working together.

'A Journey in the Dark'
I really like the scene when Gandalf can't remember which way to go.  Merry and Pippin are concerned, but Aragorn knows Gandalf and isn't worried.  And everyone is sitting there smoking except for Frodo, Legolas and Boromir.  And Boromir and Aragorn are sitting together and it looks like they might be talking.  Not to mention the scene between Frodo and Gandalf is probably my top favorite Frodo/Gandalf scene.

'Balin's Tomb'
"Fool of a Took!"  Poor Pip!!

I LOVE the fight scene in The Chamber of Mazarbul.  The Hobbits are amazing (we get to see Merry and Pippin's awesome rock throwing skills), Aragorn is using a bow, Legolas is as amazing as usual.  Plus he shoots two arrows at once.  Sam and his frying pan are hilarious!  And Gimli.  I love all of Gimli's fighting scenes.  He is so funny when he is fighting.  Especially the things that he says!   Oh and when Boromir is knocked down and and Aragorn kills the orc that is about to kill him, the look that passes between them is so cool!!!  (In case you haven't figured it out) I really, really like the Boromir/Aragorn moments.

And: "You should be dead!  That spear would have skewered a wild boar!"

'The Bridge of Khazad-dum'
I love the music from this scene, the jumping across the break in the stairs, everything about this scene!!!  But it is sad.  I don't always cry at this scene but I do sometimes.  Again Boromir's care of Merry and Pippin.  And Aragorn and Frodo.

"Nobody tosses a Dwarf"  "Not the beard!"
"I am a Servant of the Secret Fire.  Wielder of the Flame of Anor."

And then outside.  It seems like Aragorn is being 'harsh' kind of, but he isn't.  I love how he treats Sam.  And Boromir comforting Gimli is really sweet.

Ah!!  The Golden Wood!!!  Who doesn't love the Golden Wood?!!!

"Well!  Here's one Dwarf she won't ensnare so easily.  I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox."
"The Dwarf breathes so loud we could have shot him in the dark."  I adore Haldir!!!! 

Everything in Lothlorien is amazing.  Galadriel's dress is gorgeous and so is Legolas's tunic.  And I love it when Gimli is snoring and Aragorn whacks his pillow.

Also the Aragorn/Boromir scene.  Out of all the Aragorn/Boromir scenes, this is my favorite. 

And the interchange between Celeborn and Aragorn when Celeborn gives him the dagger is really, really, really cool.  And the Lembas scene!!  To funny!!!

And then we come to the end.  The Argonath are amazing.  The scene between Frodo and Boromir and so sad.  But then we have the scene between Aragorn and Frodo.  That scene is AMAZING!!!  And it makes me cry.

"I would have gone with you to the end, into the very fires of Mordor."

And then Boromir's Death.  This is my second favorite Aragoron/Boromir scene.  I know, I know its a death scene, but its also really, really sweet and sad and amazing.

"I would have followed you, My Brother, My Captain, My King." 
I LOVE it and ADORE it always makes me cry.

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And then of course there is the credit song.  It is one of my all time top favorite songs.  And not just credit songs.  Songs period. 

Well folks.  There are my thoughts and feelings on The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition.  I know this is a very long post, but hey, its not my fault that it is an amazing story/movie.  That is all J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson's fault!  :)  


  1. (You read all three of the books in one month?? Wow!)

    Aaaaaack yes!!!! This movie;D I just recently re-watched it, myself, and oh, the feels! Mah word. YUSSSS THE ARAGORN/BOROMIR MOMENTS. I hadn't caught all of them before, so the last time I watched it my friend and I were freaking out over all the feels. Like when they're working together against the Watcher…and the scene in Lothlorien…gahhh.

    Great post!:)

    1. Yeah its easy. Two chapters a day.

      :) Its cool that we have the same feels!!! When we get together to watch all the Viggo movies we can find, we definitely have to watch all the EE's. ;) YES, YES, YES!!!! The Watcher, Lothlorien and then.......his death. :( So sad.

  2. Wow, that's amazing! How do you manage to have time for all of that? lol Those movies are seriously long. Awesome, but long.

    And wow, I actually haven't seen this one in a really long time, but I'm feeling like I should rewatch it, lol.


  3. They most certainly are!! We just watch them on Saturday afternoons.

    :) Do watch it again!!

  4. I want to come and watch those with you!!

    1. Yes do!!! And I was just given the Extended Edition of the first Hobbit movie today. I can hardly wait to watch it. A funny thing. My little brothers were planning earlier today how all of your brothers should come down here, and all of us girls should go up there, and how we could have a grand time together.