Saturday, August 29, 2015

Favorite Five

This week's quotes are from some of my favorite chick-lit (yes I do read it, but only Love Inspired which is technically Christian Romance).

  "Oh, he's not a pet.  Are you kidding?  Who keeps a moose for a pet?  He's a wild animal."
                                                                                    ~ Blessed Vows by Jillian Hart

  "Maybe we should invite Spence," Ava suggested loud enough for her voice to carry across the gravel driveway where their big brother was climbing into his truck.  "He needs to spend more time with Lauren, so he can love her, too.Will you come, Spence?  C'mon.  It'll be super-duper."
  Spence tossed Ava a glowering look, did not answer, then slammed the door of his truck.
                                                                                    ~ A McKaslin Homecoming by Jillian Hart

  "All right , Ms. Willliams.  I'll accept your terms.If you could put that in a letter to me, I'd appreciate it."
"You have my word."
  "In the business world, it's better to have things in writing."
He could hear the anger nipping at the edges of her voice when she spoke.  "Fine.  I'll put something in the mail today.  Would you like it notarized as well?"  He ignored the touch of sarcasm in her tone.
                                                                                    ~ The Best Gift by Irene Hannon

  "Hey, look who's back in town. Goldilocks."
Melinda whirled.  Shock slammed into her like a runaway truck.  Her eyes widened and she took a step back.  Gazing down at her was the original bad boy of Potter Creek, Montana. 
                                                                                    ~ Big Sky Reunion by Charlotte Carter

  "To be honest, she turned me down at first.  So I called Kit, and her powers of persuasion did the trick."
Pete chuckled.  "Your could charm a moose out of his antlers."
                                                                                    ~ The Unexpected Gift by Irene Hannon


  1. Again I have never read them, but there all great!!!
    I promise I do read hehehe ~Taz