Monday, April 4, 2016

Jane Austen: Would You Rather

This game by Cordy has been floating around and I decided to do it.

Who would you rather have act as your matchmaker, Lady Russell (from Persuasion) or Mrs. Jennings?
  Mrs. Jennings by all means!  Although she can be rather annoying at times, I would much prefer her exuberant method to Lady Russell possibly tearing away from me someone who I deeply cared for because she thought he 'wasn't good enough.'

Who would you like as a pen pal from Jane Austen's works?

  I would love to have Georgiana Darcy for a pen-pal.

Who would you rather go on a walk with, Colonel Fitzwilliam or Captain Benwick?

  Colonel Fitzwilliam!  He is tons of fun!!

Who would you rather have to befriend, Mrs. Elton or Lucy Steele?

  Well I think probably Mrs. Elton although I would find her insufferable and only politeness and good manners would make me do it.  I just don't find her as revolting as Lucy.

Who would you rather have as a sibling, John Knightley or Mary (from Persuasion, not Mary Bennet)?

  John Knightley.  Read THIS.

Who would you rather dance with? (Very open book!)

  Well I would like to dance with Henry Tilney, although due to his snarkiness, I would probably be laughing so hard that I couldn't dance.  Dancing with Frank Churchill would also be fun.

Who would you rather refuse, Mr. Collins or Mr. Elton?

  I think Mr. Collins!  Mr. Collins would only annoy me, but Mr. Elton would make me want to punch his nose.  He is just so arrogant!  Mr. Collins is merely slow on the uptake.

Who would you rather match-make for, Miss Bates or Mary Bennet?

  Probably Mary Bennet.

Who would you rather have as a best friend?

  I think having Georgiana Darcy, Kitty Bennet and Maria Lucas for best friends would be a lot of fun.

Who would you rather argue with? (Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Palmer, Mrs. Jennings, Fanny Dashwood, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Darcy, ect.)

  Arguing with Lady Catherine or Mrs. Bennet would be immensely amusing!!

Would you rather wander the grounds of Pemberley and risk being 'discovered' or wander over the downs surrounding Barton Cottage in the rain and twist an ankle?

  Pemberley and risk being discovered!!  From what I know, the kind of men that might find you in the rain and "romantically carry you home", are likely to be scumbags!

Where would you live in Austen's works?

  I would love to live at Pemberley.  I know, who doesn't want to live there!!


  1. Fun answers! I can see you are a fan of Georgiana. You and I might have to fight over dancing with Henry Tilney though. ;)

    1. I am!! You can have him when I collapse from laughing!!

  2. Oooh, excellent pen pal choice, Erudessa! I highly approve!

    Really? Frank Churchill? Haha, may I ask why? :)

    Your circle of literary friends sound like so much fun.

    Thanks for letting me know that you filled this out! It was such fun to read your answers!!


    1. Well, 1: Because Frank IS a good dancer, 2: Because I am kinda partial to Frank (that has to do with the actor who plays him in the 2009 version) and I have always wanted to tell him a few things about how to treat a woman!!

    2. Ohh, now I understand. :D
      I wish you luck in telling him a thing or two! Haha.

  3. Hey Erudessa! I tagged you for the Infinity Dreams Award, if you are interested!!