Saturday, October 22, 2016

Character Interview: Laura


  Today I am interviewing Laura, or the Doorkeeper as some of you know her.  My questions will be in green and her answers are in black.

  Welcome to my blog Laura.  It is very exciting to meet you in person.  *motions to a white wrought-iron bench next to a lily studded pond*  Please have a seat.

  Ah, yes, I'm excited to be here. *sits down.* Ponds can be so pretty, you know.

  Very, especially when they are covered in water-lilies which are my favorite flower.  Now I have a few questions for you.  You have the amazing gift of being able to travel between worlds.  Have you ever been to Middle-earth? 

  I will confess that I have. I enjoy having picnics with Tom Bombadil and Goldberry. 

  Oh my goodness!  That sounds amazing!!  Middle-earth is my favorite world.  Most people consider it a fictional world, but it has never felt fictional to me!
  I'm sure that you have run across many interesting foods and drinks in all of your world traveling.  What are a few of your favorites?

  Ooh, let's see. I must admit that I'm rather fond of Pomella Cider from Rizkaland, and Earth's spaghetti. And Twintas, a sort of fruit from Aloetway. Luna has some divine Spiced Soup - like tomato soup, but a bit richer. Then there's pizza, nothing tops pizza - except maybe Filla Pudding in Wienta...

  Ooooo!!  The Spiced Soup sounds delicious!  Do they serve it with Grilled Cheese sandwiches?
And you're right.  Nothing tops Pizza.

  They don't really do cheese in Luna, unfortunately, though Amber did enjoy the combination once introduced to cheeses in Lintooalintae.

  Do you ever have trouble learning the languages of the different worlds, or do they come naturally to you because of your world traveling gift?

  That is a complicated question that I can't fully answer, but yes, most languages come naturally to me. I'll give some more details in book 3, though, so you can look forward to that!

  I will!  Do you have a favorite world?

  Earth, actually. It has such an interesting history, and some of my favorite people live here.

  Have you ever been to Ireland?  I have a bit of an obsession with that country.

  Once. It's kind of a funny story. You know their legends about leprechauns?
  I do!  I find them quite amusing and love reading them. 

  They're kinda ... my fault. Someday I'll get back to Ireland, round up those little people, and send them back to Quina where they belong ...

  Oh really?  Well, I am kind of glad that you let them loose.  They have provided lots of tales and enjoyment for many people!

  Aye, I suppose.

  Have you ever ridden in an airplane?

  And on one, but I do not recommend that.

  Well it is definitely something I won't try!  Do you enjoy watching movies?

  Depends on the movie and whether or not I know the real events behind the story. And how much time I have on my hands and how tired I am. Movies are great for when you're tired. They don't require much thinking, you see.

  That they don't!  I find them very relaxing too....well, I guess it actually depends on the movie!
Do you have a favorite book?

  I actually don't do much reading, but any copy of God's Word in any world is amazing.

  It is.  Though I have only read the copy that exists in this world and in the English language.  It is getting a bit late and I have to make supper for my family, but I do have one more question. 

  All right.

  If you hadn't been chosen as the Doorkeeper, what is a career that you would have chosen and which world would you have chosen to live in? 

  I really don't know. I know I probably would be on Earth, but I have no idea of my career. I probably would still be doing some form of travel, though.

  Maybe a traveling Wedding Planner? 

  Maybe. I don't know. I really don't. And since I am the Doorkeeper, I really don't have to worry about it.

  Exactly!  Well I really do need to go now, but it has been very, very exciting to have you here.  Please feel welcome to drop in whenever you want and as a parting present, here is a bag of my favorite homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts.

  Oh, they sound delicious. *opens the bag to sniff* and they smell delicious, too. I'll see what I can do. My timeline is so tangled, I can't say when or if I'll ever show up again - but you never know!

  Well, you are always welcome!  Thank you again for coming!

  You can learn more about Laura in Lady Dragon, Tela Du, which can be purchased on Kindle HERE, and in hardcopy HERE.  Also, Water Princess, Fire Prince, the prequel to Lady Dragon, Tela Du, is free on Kindle HERE until the 23rd.


  1. Laura is fascinating! I'm interested in what comes out in book 3 about her and languages.

  2. Great interview! Laura's one of my favorite characters. I'm curious to find out what we're going to learn in Book 3 . . . and I would like to try some Spiced Soup. I'll bring American cheese from Earth and make a sandwich to go with it and it will be splendid.

    1. Swiss cheese is one of the few cheeses I don't like . . . I'm not a fan of the flavor. (Though I'll sometimes have it in a sandwich if it's melted and there's a strong-flavored meat on there.) My favorite cheese is probably either cheddar or Parmesan, but for just-cheese sandwiches I like American or Velveeta, because those get the most gooey and cheesy and delicious and that's my ideal of what a cheese sandwich is supposed to be.

    2. Not many people in our house like Swiss either. I think my favorite, favorite cheese, is mozzarella. Mum only let's us eat American and Velveeta on VERY special occasions.

    3. I/ll join your cheesy soup party! Sounds fun!

  3. I love this. Even though Laura didn't really say anything enigmatic. But, I wonder what other legends she's responsible for.
    And about the pizza, my brother says lot's of things can top pizza. That's kind of the point. It's not really pizza without topping.

    1. The Leprechauns came as a complete surprise!!


    2. Top pizza! Oh, that's brilliant! I'll have to use that one someday. :)

    3. I have clever brothers. Which is usually good, except for when they intentionally misunderstand ambiguities and object to something because it could mean something else.