Monday, October 24, 2016

Interview: Kendra E. Ardnek

  Today I am interviewing Kendra as part of the Lady Dragon, Tela Du Book Release Tour.

  My questions will be in blue, Kendra's answers will be in purple.
  Welcome to The Flowering Vales Kendra!  If you don't mind, we will sit here on this grassy slope and enjoy this bit of sunshine while we talk.

  I love sunshine, so I don't mind a bit!

  Good!  And here is some lemonade if you become thirsty.
  Okay, now let's start the Questions!  You have said before, that Rizkaland was inspired by Narnia.  Is the Doorkeeper your version of 'The Wood between the Worlds'? 

  The Doorkeeper is complicated and no, not inspired by "The Wood Between the Worlds," but her power is distantly connected to the wood. She was actually inspired by my desire to insert my own pen-name - then Sandra Elizabeth Nedor - into the series as a recurring character. She got more and more complicated until I retired her, and then brought her back as Laura when I was watching Doctor Who and was intrigued by River Song's timeline.

So, more accurately, I'd say that the Doorkeeper is my version of the TARDIS.

  Intriguing!  I haven't actually watched Doctor Who, but I have heard a lot about River Song.  Is Fantasy your preferred genre to write?

  It is. I've been dabbling in sci-fi and superhero fiction, though.
  Who is your favorite character in the Rizkaland Legends? 
  Laura the Doorkeeper. She has a long, complicated story that I've only brushed the surface of, and is such fun to write. And brilliant for foreshadowing, I might add.
  Oh it definitely is that!  Do you know how many children Clara and Andrew will have in the real world?
  Yes and no. I'm afraid I can't give any details on that until book 6.
  I see!  Do WPFP characters and the LDTD characters ever meet in our world?
  That's much of the premise of book three. And, actually, Reuben and Andrew have already met, as Reuben's cousin is Andrew's best friend.
  Kevin, right? 
  Which leads to my next question.  Do Kevin and Rhoda go to Rizkaland together?
  That will be book 5!  Do look forward to that.
  Oh I definitely will!!  It will be interesting to see how soon after she reaches Rizkaland, Rhoda begins to figure out that the others have been there before.
  And her reactions to finding out the truth about her cousin and best friend...
  Yeah!  I wonder if she might be a little upset at first. 
  She might. Any more questions? 

  One more.  What are a few songs that symbolize Rizkaland for you?
  I actually have a YouTube playlist set up for the series: Rizkaland Inspiration .  Some of the specific ones are "Just Fall," "Write Your Story" and "Greater."
  I will have to check it out.  Well, thank you for joining me.  I am very much looking forward to reading Lady Dragon, Telu Du when it is completely finished.  Have a nice day, and God Bless.
 Thank you for having me! 

  You can purchase Lady Dragon, Tela Du on Kindle HERE and in paperback HERE.  Also the first book in the Rizkaland Legends, Water Princess, Fire Prince, is available HERE for free until the 23rd. 


  1. Yes and no? You know how many children they have, and you don't? Interesting...

    And I am looking forward to that book 5. :)

    1. I'm looking forward to all of the books. But 5 is probably the one we know the most about. Or think we know.

  2. Write Your Story is good. Have I ever mentioned that reading the title of a song I know sets it playing my head...

    And Kevin and Rhoda do go together. Initially I didn't want to ship them (knowing her only a little and him not at all), but I am now. I am makimg a prediction.

  3. Awesome interview! I'm quite interested to see what book 5 holds and how Rhoda reacts to Rizkaland and all that . . . And Laura is very much awesome.