Monday, February 13, 2017

Quote Queste ~ February 2017 ~ Going to War

  Today I am linking up with Melody Muffin's Quote Queste.  This month's prompt is:

  Then my sister challenged me to take a pin I had pinned, and combining the two, write the QQ scene.  I hadn't been planning to write one.  This is the other pin.

  And now, my readers, here is the final product.

  No 16-year-old should ever feel this way.  Ever.  But, that’s what happens when you let your emotions rule.  Love is never an easy thing, but it’s even harder when the one you are in love with, or should I say were in love with - ‘cause I’m sure as blazes not in love with him now - is a poisonous toad.  I think I’ve learned my lesson now.  The handsome, dreamy, Prince Charming types aren’t always real.  He certainly wasn’t.  He had the dreamiest eyes, the most gorgeous looks, but boy did he have a venomous heart!  Like a pretty, shiny snake or beetle that may look perfectly harmless to the inexperienced eye, but is actually the most poisonous kind. 
  I feel like I’ve been to war.  Not that I know what it feels like to be in a war, I’ve never been in one.  Well actually, if you think about it, I guess being in a relationship with him was a bit of a war.  A war between what I knew was right, and what he wanted me to do…all of which I knew was wrong.  If so, then I guess I won this war, because I sent him away, hopefully never to return, but, as with all wars, you can never be certain that that evil will never return.

  I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out Melody's blog and try writing your own!  So long!



  1. Wow. Amazing. I actually like this... and it fits with some of my ideas and beliefs of love ;) 😂☺

    Beautiful descriptions!!! Imagination, Interesting.