Friday, March 10, 2017

Dear People Who Wish You Were INTJ's


Credit: qimono

  I know there are people out there who see that the INTJ personality is a rarity, see how intelligent INTJ's are and wish they could be that personality.  Let me tell you guys, it's not as cool as you think it is.  Yes they are rare, and female INTJ's are even rarer, but just because they are a minority doesn't automatically make them these super awesome people.
  Yes, they are very intelligent.
  Yes, they are great leaders.
  Yes, they are good at a lot of different things. all are forgetting the other side.  The not so glamorous side of them.  The traits that you might not like now which would put a huge strain on you if you try to be like an INTJ.

Credit: Sliviu Firulete

  They are incredibly loyal.  
  They have a strong sense of duty.
  They don't take nonsense from anyone.
  They are not easy people to live with.  Especially for extroverts.
  They are not very physically affectionate people.
  Never tell them, "You just don't understand!".  They may not sympathize with or share your feelings, but it's not because they "don't understand".  They really hate it when you tell them that!
  I have yet to met one that can tolerate procrastination.
  They love lists and schedules.  And it drives the bonkers when they make schedules and have things planned, and other people mess them up.
  They don't take too kindly to betrayal.  Like....they really don't.  And they don't forget very easily.
  They don't take too kindly to tyrannical dictators either.
  They are also very good at taking over and managing things, directing people and bossing them around.
  They have no patience for people who wish they were something different from the way God made them, i.e. the kind of people this post is directed towards.
  They are also excessively sarcastic.  And it's not always nice sarcasm, but often it's hard to tell whether they are being nice or not.
  They can also say things very cleverly so that it could be an insult, but you can go around in circles trying to figure out whether they were really insulting you.
  They also dislike having to admit that they are human and can't finish something they have started that has become too much for them.

Credit: Larisa Koshkina

  If you were to suddenly change from whatever you are into an INTJ, you would lose characteristics of your own that you value.  You can't mesh multiple types to make what you think is the perfect person, it just doesn't work that way.

Credit: Nuzrath Nuzree

  Being intelligent does not make their life easy-peasy-pie.  Sure it means some things are easier for them then for others, but they aren't these magical I-can-do-everything-and-do-it-well-the-first-time people.
  And yes, everyone sees how intelligent and 'awesome' they are and wants to be friends with them, but do you know how exhausting it is to have so many people wishing to be intimate friends with you ('cause that's what most of the people who say "oh they're so cool I want to be their friend" are wishing)?  It can't be done.  And by the way, I'm speaking to those who have star in their eyes where INTJ's are concerned (aka the "Ohhh-I-want-to-be-an-INTJ" folks) not to the people who have cow pies in their eyes about them (aka the "Uh!-INTJ's-are-such-arrogant-snobs" people).

Credit: JeongGuHyeok

  Now, I'm an ENFP, but I live with an INTJ.  I'm not going to say that I absolutely, definitely, no mistake, know what I'm talking about, I'm mostly ranting here, INTJ sister read this and laughed out loud because it was so accurate.

Notes: I heartily apologize to anyone that I offend with this post.  It is not directed towards anyone in particular.

  All photos are from Pixabay and Public Domain Pictures.  


  1. This is my ENFP daughter, Kendra E. Ardnek's .... INTJ mother ... who happens to be married to an ENFP. In our house, we also have an INFJ, ENFJ, and a little INTJ. This makes for many huggy moments in time, as well as interesting moments where the youngest is bossing the oldest on life and all things in it.
    Still laughing!!!!!
    Yeah, too true. We are all of these things. Though I'm not so good with the sarcasm, but I adore satire!

  2. I'm an ISFJ, and I'm pretty satisfied with that.
    Loved the post! Very true. :)

  3. I'm an INTJ. :D I love that post. My sister is an ENFP and a close friend is an INFP, we have good laughs over our differences in outlook. I'd not want to be anyone else though, or any other type, because I am... me. And it goes way beyond one of sixteen personality types. ;)

  4. I don't think I've ever particularly wished to be anything other than what I am... But I do like my INTJ friends. They can be fun people ;)