Monday, September 28, 2015

5 Male Character Tag

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4. Best book-to-screen adaption

5. Best character perception

1. Hero
Sir Percy Blakeney - The Scarlet Pimpernel

"Well, Sink me!" Anthony Andrews as Sir Percival Blakeney the Scarlet Pimpernell in the 1982 movie version also starring Jane Seymour.:
Anthony Andrews as Sir Percival Blakeney
 Sir Percy is just amazing!  He has always had this fascination for me that I can't quite describe.  I mean think about it!  He willing risks his life to save people that have no claim whatsoever on him!  He is charming, witty, courageous, strong, gentle, but also tough as nails on people when he needs to be, a leader, a fighter, loyal, but I think two of the things that I loves the most about him are that he understands and he know when to forgive.

We are men, Armand, and the word forgiveness has only been spoken once these past two thousand years, and then it was spoken by Divine lips.

2. Villain
  Bruce Barkow - Crossfire Trail

Mark Harmon in ''Crossfire Trail''  2001:
Mark Harmon as Bruce Barkow
Note: I am using the movie version of this character not the book version.
 This guy is just awful!  He wants the Heroine's ranch (and the Heroine of course) so he has her husband shanghaied and tells a big whopper about how he was killed in an Indian attack.  Then when the Hero (who was shanghaied with her husband) shows up telling how her husband was actually killed on the ship and that he (the Hero) has half owner ship of the ranch, Barkow does everything that he can to get rid of the Hero.  Ambushing, attempts to arrest him, hires a notorious killer (who kills one of the Hero's best friends who is only a boy.  I really cried at that part!) and then to top it all forces the Heroine at gunpoint to marry him! Then the Hero and his boys come riding into town and in the end Barkow is about to finish off the wounded Hero when.........his 'wife' shoots him in the back.  On the whole I think he is a very well done villain and Harmon does a magnificent job of portraying the character.

Mark Harmon in '' Crossfire Trail '' 2001:
Barkow 'coming in for the kill'.

3. Antihero
Robin de Noir - The Secret of Moonacre

Robin De Noir On Tumblr (From The Secret of Moonacre):  

Augustus Prew as Robin De Noir  by secret of Moonacre:
Lets not go into his fashion style.
I find Robin de Noir a very interesting character.  He starts out as one of the 'bad guys' and is one of the 'bad guys' for most of the movie.  I think that he can only be considered one of the 'good guys' for about the last 15-20 minutes.  His family is out for revenge on Her's and they also want an Heirloom that kinda belongs to them, that they swear Her family has.  What I found most attractive about Robin was the small flashes of caring that you see in him even when he is the 'bad guy'.  When he is leading the forces to kidnap Her (and failing more then once because she isn't stupid) and when they have her captured and she basically kills herself (she jumps off a cliff and it is a miracle that she survives) and then the end when she kidnaps him because she needs his help, and while he still dislikes her and is positive that she is the 'bad guy' he is still willing to listen.  And then when he saves her (from his own father) you see that he has changed.  On the whole I adored him, even while he was an arrogant jerk.
This is after she catches him in a snare and makes him promise to listen to what she has to say if she lets him go. This is the scene where he goes from being her rival to being her ally. Robin: *sulks* "I'm listening.":
This is after she kidnaps him.

Bramble and Lord Teddie! The clothes are not quite right, though.   Dakota Blue Richards and Augustus Prew.:
And a just plain adorable picture of the actor and actress.

4. Best book-to-screen adaption
Richard Armitage  as John Thornton - North & South

I wish someone would watch this again with me (writing this on the biggest pin I could find so someone might see *hint hint hint):  

Literature’s Most Desirable Heroes #2: John Thornton from North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell (Richard Armitage):
Don't get me started on his attire in this scene.

Richard Armitage   "North and South" Looooooooove him:  

Of all of the book-to-screen adaptions that I have seen I think that this is one of the best.  While he isn't quite as stern in the movie as he is in the book, he still has the right feel for the Thornton from the book.  In my opinion, he is the perfect Thornton.  Can any of you who have seen this miniseries and/or read the book see Sir Patrick Stewart (with hair) as John Thornton?

5. Best Character Perception
Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn - The Lord of the Rings

"But what about breakfast?" "We've already had it." "We've had one, yes. But what about second breakfast?":
The Ranger

Which Middle-Earth Character Are You?:
The King

allshallfade: “ I would have gone with you to the end, into the very fires of Mordor. I know. ”:
The Friend
And Viggo nails it all.  The only problems that I have with the Aragorn of the movies are problems that have to do with the way the character was written not with the way that Viggo played him.  He makes the Aragorn of the books come alive for me.

And here is for those of you who like Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South.

The first Thornton...:
Sir Patrick Stewart as John Thornton.

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  1. It looks like I should really watch The Scarlet Pimpernel!

    I agree on Aragorn; did you know Viggo Mortensen wasn't originally casted as Aragorn?

    1. Oh, yes you should!! Yeah I did know that. And it was Viggo's son Henry, that convinced him to accept the role.

  2. Great picks!:D I hadn't heard of Barkow Trail, but it looks very interesting:)