Sunday, September 6, 2015


I like taking pictures and I though that I would share some with you.

Close your eye, place this picture in the moonlight.  Can you see the fairies sitting on the flowers?
Fairy Meadow.
 And these are their mountains.
Fairy Mountains.

I know.  I'm crazy.

Rocks and a flower that I have no idea what kind it is!

Tansy against the house.

Clouds at a gorgeous sunset.

The afore mentioned sunset.

Turtle pestering me when I was taking pictures.

Sedum and Wasp.  I was taking a picture of the Sedum when the Wasp landed on it. 


  1. Wow, well-done! I especially like the fairy ones:D

  2. :) Thanks! Big girl that I am, I still adore fairies. I have been reading Irish Fairy tales lately.

  3. Fairies, Fairies, flowers and fairies!!!!!!! Love 'em!