Monday, February 1, 2016

Books I Read In January 2016

So this year I decided to post a list of all the books that I read in the month, at the end of each month.

Titles that have nothing before them are books that I read for the first time.

Titles with this ** before them, are books that I re-read.

 Titles with # before them, are books that I read out loud to my little siblings.

** The Little's Colonel's Knight Comes Riding ~ Annie Fellows Johnston
Bath Tangle ~ Georgette Heyer
The Black Sheep ~ Georgette Heyer
Frederica ~ Georgette Heyer
Arabella ~ Georgette Heyer
Grand Sophy ~ Georgette Heyer
** The Ankulen ~ Kendra E. Ardnek
** The Sun Jewel Contest ~ Kendra E. Ardnek
** Marcia Schuyler ~ Grace Livingston Hill
** Phoebe Deane ~ Grace Livingston Hill
** Miranda ~ Grace Livingston Hill
** Astra ~ Grace Livingston Hill
** Amorelle ~ Grace Livingston Hill
The Rakshasa's Bride ~ Suzannah Rowntree  (A Bollywood Beauty and the Beast retelling)
** Nobody ~ Susan Warner
The War Romance of the Salvation Army ~ Grace Livingston Hill
The Tryst ~ Grace Livingston Hill
Flight to Freedom ~ Ana Veciana-Suarez
# ** Under the Lilacs ~ Louisa May Alcott  
(This was a re-read for me, but the first time my little siblings had heard it.)

And that's all folks!! 


  1. I haven't even read one! Your a reading machine!!!! ~Taz

  2. Wow, you had a really good book-reading month! I'm afraid my January list is very empty. :( What was 'The Rakshasa's Bride' like? I've been seeing that book around lately...

    1. I twas VERY good. It is set in a village in India and.....well it was very unique!!! Short, but sweet, and a few twists that I didn't really expect, but guessed before they happened.