Friday, June 24, 2016

Inkling Explorations: June 2016

I was going to post the Richmond Gardens scene from The Scarlet Pimpernel, but then after reading Cordy and Miss March's posts, I remembered another Alcott rose scene.  One that I die laughing over every time.  It is from Jack and Jill.  Jill, Merry, Molly and several of the boys are making May Baskets.  At one point the girls read their verses aloud.  Here is Molly's verse and what follows.

  "That's perfectly sweet! Mine isn't; but I meant it to be funny," said Molly, as if there could be any doubt about the following ditty:

 "Dear Grif,
  Here is a whiff
  Of beautiful spring flowers;
  The big red rose
  Is for your nose,
  As toward the sky it towers.

  "Oh, do not frown
  Upon this crown
  Of green pinks and blue geranium
  But think of me
  When this you see,
  And put it on your cranium."
   "O Molly, you will never hear the last of that if Grif gets it," said Jill, as the applause subsided, for the boys pronounced it "tip-top."

  "Don't care, he gets the worst of it any way, for there is a pin in that rose, and if he goes to smell the mayflowers underneath he will find a thorn to pay for the tack he put in my rubber boot. I know he will play me some joke to-night, and I mean to be first if I can," answered Molly, settling the artificial wreath round the orange-colored canoe which held her effusion.


  1. Such a fun scene! I had completely forgotten it -- I need to reread more Alcott again.

  2. I am not familiar with this scene, but I do like the way that it is written. I wish more contemporary books were written in such a manner :)

  3. That's funny! I can just picture the scene.. I need to read Jack and Jill sometime - I can already tell I would enjoy it. :)