Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Four Weeks Old and Little Terrors

  Sheesh!!  I'd forgotten how exhausting puppies were at this stage!  Man those little ones can sure get into trouble!  They kept climbing out of their box and getting into trouble inside, but thankfully it has warmed up enough that we can begin to move them outside to the shed I fixed up.  They spent most of today out there and it is hilarious to watch them.  They are all growing like weeds and each has such an adorable personality.  Today, Rosie lay in the opening of the little hut I fixed for them in the shed and when any of her siblings tried to come in, she growled at them.  Little rascal.  But they all understand the command of 'Come', and I was practicing 'Sit' with Rosie.  The first three times, I had to show her what 'Sit' meant, but the fourth time, she sat by herself.  (Yes, I'm quite proud of my baby.)  And sorry these are late, but here are the pictures.  A huge thank you to the brother and sister who managed to keep each squiggle-bug still for a few seconds while I snapped the pictures.

Diamond.  This girl is the smallest of the bunch, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for with attitude!

Bilbo.  How cute are those little black specks?  He's a real sweetheart.

Bullroarer.  He NEVER holds still!

Esmeralda.  She's a darling.

Elanor.  She'll make a very good watch dog!  As soon as she hears your voice, she starts barking...if you can call it that.  Right now it's more like yipping.

Awww!!  It's my Rosie baby!!

And Bungo, who abhors the idea of holding still!  You literally have a 3 seconds time frame to snap the picture.

  And there you go!  No, I still don't know if I'll be able to keep Rosie.


  1. Oh my word! THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!! :D :D They're all so unique and different. And I love Bilbo's little black specks. They're like freckles!! Also his little gloved paws. So cute. <3

    I hope you get to keep Rosie. It would be such a shame if you had to part with all of them. :(

    1. I know!! and he has the cutest way of looking inquiringly at you.


  2. OH MY WORD!!!! If they were cute last week, they are 50x cuter!!!!! I am going to start crying if the get any cuter!!!! XD

  3. They are adorable :). Puppies are always energetic little critters :)