Friday, December 1, 2017

Let it Snow and Two Weeks Old

  Happy December!!  We woke up to snow this morning, FINALLY!!  We had the warmest November I can remember and the fact that we didn't have any snow was annoying!  And the puppies eyes are open!!!  They are so cute and snugly and adorable!  I didn't stage their pictures this time, the kids had them upstairs on a blanket for cuddling, so I just snapped pictures there.

Sandy holding Diamond and rubbing her belly.

Bungo on Joni's lap.

Esmeralda on Joni's lap.

Bilbo on Sandy's lap.

Belladonna snuggled up with Jill.

Jenni cuddling Elanor.

Bullroarer and Sam.  Bully is Sam's favorite puppy and you should hear their conversations.

And Jill cuddling my little Rosie girl.


  1. SNOW! That's so exciting! I love waking up to snow! :)

    Those puppies are completely adorable! I still say Rosie's mine! :D

  2. Me too! We were all cheering in out beds and then the kids got up REALLLY quickly with no fussing about getting up!

    :P And I told you she's MINE!! ;)

    1. Hahaha, yeah!! :D It's like "why don't you make SCHOOL as exciting?!" :D I can't understand though ;)

      Well. :D I shan't argue anymore ... *whispers* she's mine ;)

    2. Hahahha!! Exactly! and why does healthy food always have to taste the worst?

      *smiles sweetly* *glares and whispers* She. Is. Mine. :D

    3. Hahaha, I don't know!! :D

      *keeps a grim face* Hmm, well ... ;)

  3. SO ADORABLE! *heart-eyes* And yaay for snow! I'm totally jealous. XD


  4. Awwww!!! The snow is gorgeous!!! I have to go visit you someday and see that snow! Gorgeous pictures! We don't get much snow here and most the time we don't get any 😑

    1. Totally girl! You really need to experience snow!!

  5. Yay! Snow is the best!!! It is crazy that you haven't had any yet, but how great that there is some now! Nov. was crazy warm!

    NO!! They are too cute!!! Oh my goodness!!!!

    1. Yeah! It was weird how crazy warm it was! But it's definitely colder now.