Monday, December 4, 2017

I'm Officially in Love...

  I totally love this song.  I'm officially in love with Musical Theatre.  It's sooooooo cool!! 

  So, as you may have guessed by now, my first real musical was the 2017 Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical.  Oh man!  I first learned about Newsies about 2 years ago I think.  A friend and I were trying to find something for a movie night (the kind where you're 4 hours apart so you watch the same thing at that the same time) and she asked if I had Newsies so I looked it up and thought it looked interesting.  Then somewhere here in the blogging world, I read a post where someone and her sister (sorry, I don't remember who) had gone to see the musical live and was raving about how Jeremy Jordan makes the best Jack Kelly (AMEN girl!!) and her post upped my interest a bit.  Then when I saw it was coming to Netflix, I was pretty excited but other things showed up that I was finding more interesting so I kept pushing it further down the 'To Watch' line.

  Then.....I'd been watching the CW show Supergirl and Winn is just a hoot.  And I also have a bad habit of skipping around and watching random episodes of the CW superhero shows, so I watched the Flash/Supergirl crossover where Kara and Barry are in a musical.  And I noticed and commented on Winn/Grady's amazing voice.  Then I was watching a 'behind the scenes' for that episode and saw that Winn is played by Jeremy Jordan.  I think I knew that, but I just wasn't remembering, anyway, the next day I went straight for Newsies and completely ADORED it!!

  So now I'm totally in love with musicals and I need to find another one to watch.  I mean, I've seen several musical movies, but it's not the same. 

  What are some musicals you all recommend?  Please tell me!!  I need more!!

  And some sad news, Belladonna died yesterday. 


  1. HAHA!!! Welcome to the fandom, Erudessa!!

    I got hooked onto Newsies by my sister Lia. We watched together on Netflix via a Skype call. Well worth it :) Jeremy Jordan is so darn adorable. My favorite songs of that musical are Watch What Happens, The World Will Know and King of New York.

    Ooohhh, you want musical suggestions??

    Let's see.....

    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Jane Powell and Howard Keel)
    Calamity Jane (Doris Day and Howard Keel)
    The Sound of Music (Jane Andrews and Christopher Plummer)
    Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
    Singing in the Rain (Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds)

    There are A LOT of others that I've seen, the ones that I've listed are the cleanest. If my sis Lia gets on here, she'll recommend a lot more....

    (sorry to hear about Belladonna!!! That is super sad...*hugs*)


  2. :)

    Mine are Something to Believe In, The World Will Know and King of New York. I keep singing King of New York and my little brother keeps telling me that I can't be the King of New York. "It's impractical, improbable and impossible."

    Okay, I've seen Seven Bride for Seven Brothers and The Sound of Music, but I always think of those as musical movies. I've seen Les Mis the movie and I really want to see Phantom of the Opera.


  3. Heehee, just tell him if Katherine can be declared King of New York, you can too :).

    Phantom of the Opera is pretty good. Either watch the 2004 movie or the 25th Anniversary at the Royal Theater stage version. Both are awesome to watch.

    I've seen Oklahoma! and listened to the Anastasia Broadway soundtrack. Both are fairly good, but have some impure plotlines so be careful.

    Oh! The King and I is also a good one. And PBS has a stage version of Holiday Inn on their website that's still free to watch.

    (where is that musical-crazed sister when I need her.....)


    1. His reply? "Well she can't be King of New York. Maybe Queen of New York, but not King!"

      I think it's he 25th anniversary that my older sister loves. Which ever one I watch, it'll be her favorite one. I think it has Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom? I'm not sure.

      I've seen most of the Hugh Jackman Oklahoma! and that was hilarious, but I didn't watch all of it because of that.

      I've seen the 2005 (or what ever it was) movie remake with Jodie Foster, but that wasn't a musical version.


  4. I love the snowflakes on your blog! How pretty!!

    Ooh, musicals are the best!

    I like Grease, but it's very raunchy, so I don't recommend it to a lot of people. :/

    I like Hamilton, it has a few bad words, but it's amazing and historical.

    Into the Woods is awesome, and so is Phantom of the Opera.

    Les Misérables is AMAZING.

    Seven Brides for seven brothers is a hoot, and I highly recommend it to anyone!

    Anddd...I'm blank! I'll come back if I think of any others!

    1. Thank you! Although they are behaving really annoyingly.

      :) I've not seen Grease, I really want to see Hamilton, Into the Woods sounds interesting, and I need to watch Phantom. Les Mis, heartbreaking. YES!! I've actually seen SBfSB. It is hilarious.


  5. I had no idea that Newsies was on Netflix!!! I need to watch this! The only version I've seen is the Disney 1992 version with Christian Bale which I enjoyed. I'm definitely adding the Broadway version to my Must-Watch-list!!

    I really haven't seen a lot of musicals on stage sadly, though I want to see more. I saw The Phantom of the Opera movie, which was nice, but then I saw it live on stage and there's just no comparison; it's so much better on stage. :D

    Next year, I want to try and see more musicals. :D


      Sadly, the big musicals that tour don't come to my area.

      I have seen Henry V on stage. That was pretty cool.


    I also recently fell in love with the Newsies revival, but I had no idea it was on Netflix!!! You may imagine my current delight. We just re-watched it over the past two nights, and I may watch it again with one of my sisters. (*gasp* Oh, speaking of which!! We really need to do another of those "watch-along" things! I know I've been really remiss about answering emails lately, but we need to!!!)

    So thanks EVER SO MUCH for letting me know. :D

    And as for more musicals, hehe, WELL . . . *cracks knuckles*

    - Anastasia
    - Bandstand
    - My Fair Lady
    - Les Mis
    - Phantom of the Opera
    - Carousel
    - The King and I

    (Some of those are pretty sad, though.)

    So glad we've both joined the Newsies fandom!!! :D And hope you're doing well. <3

    And I'm sorry Belladonna died. <3

    1. You should have heard me when I discovered it was coming to Netflix!

      Yes we do!! And now that Netflix took down Leverage *glares at Netflix* we have to find something else to watch.

      You're VERY welcome!

      Hahahaha!! Yeah, a couple years ago, I looked up Carousel, but went NOOOOOOOO. Les Mis, I've seen the movie, and I want to watch the 25th Anniversary of Phantom. And EVERYONE has been raving about Anastasia.

      Me too!

      She was a darling, but that's life.