Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"It seems to me, that if there is a bad taste in your mouth...."

" spit it out. You don't constantly swallow it back"

  So this is me spitting it out.  Last night I watched a movie that is commonly known as the 2005 Pride & Prejudice.  There is only one other movie that I have seen that made me think "What a complete waste of my time!"  Incidentally, that movie also starred Jena Malone.

  The historical inaccuracies!!!  I mean they were so numerous and historical inaccuracies drive me crazy!  And the screen writing!!  All of the actors were very good......but the screen writing was (to talk like the Trolls from The Hobbit) 'WUBBISH'!!!  I mean like seriously!!!  They tried to fit Pride & Prejudice into 2 hours!!!!  I knew before I watched it that it was going to be awful, but ugh!!  Blah, blah, pluh!!  Yuck!   As my mom said, it felt more like 1790's American Frontier, then 1810's Regency England.

  And the second proposal?!?!?!?  I know that some people think it far more romantic then the 1995 second proposal, but OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  THEY ARE WALKING AROUND HALF DRESSED!!!!  And the cheesy lines!!!  I thought that it couldn't get worse then the second proposal scene........and then we reached the very end.  Guys, I love mushy, gushy, melt-me-into-a-puddle-of-goo, romantic kissing, love scenes, but THAT?!?!??!?!?!   It was seriously vomit inducing!!!!  Pluh!!!  It was soooooo sick!!!!  Afterwards, I pulled up the Second Proposal and the Meeting at Pemberley from the REAL P&P to wash out the bad taste!!  Oh! it was glorious!  I was rather ridiculously rapturous over Colin and Jennifer, but it was 11:45 PM, so I had legit reason for being a nut!

  I did laugh through a lot of it though because of how dumb I found it.  And I realized the Mr. Collins is too be Tabaqui the Jackal in the upcoming  The Jungle Book: Origins movie that I am very much looking forward to.  Also Rupert Friend resembled Orlando Bloom so much that I couldn't quite hate him, not that there was really anything of Wickham in it.  Mary was prettier then she should have been.  And the costumes?!?!?!  Caroline Bingley is wearing a NIGHTGOWN at the Netherfield Ball!!!  

  To those of you who are reading this and very much like.....well, what I watched last night, I apologize if this offends you and I am coming across as a snob.

  To those of you who agrees with me.......COME COMMISERATE WITH ME!!!!!!!


  1. Since most serious literary fans seem to prefer the miniseries, and because this movie is so laughably terrible in historical accuracy and book accuracy, I can afford not to hate it; I just do not take it seriously. I wish there were those who could see that as this version is the the book, so are the Anne movies (particularly the last two) to the books.

    1. :) I actually haven't read the Anne books or seen the movies so.....

  2. As someone who's never seen the 95' version, I actually liked this one. Though, I need to reread the book, since it's been a while. But I can certainly understand your frustrations. :)

    1. Watch the '95!! One of the things that irritates me the most about the '05, is that they cut out SOOOOO much!! Like almost the whole Wickham story line is gone. All they have are the basic facts and there is no STORY!!

  3. Preach it! Oh my goodness I hate that movie so much. It's seriously bad for my blood pressure. Ahhhhh! You summed up my thoughts on it so perfectly.
    Also, apparently I'm not the only one that says "wubbish" like the trolls from The Hobbit? :)

    1. Hahahahah!!! Absolutely!! Mom sat there the whole time going "WHY?!?!?! are we watching this?

      I love saying it!!! And my little siblings say "2 to 1 so shut your mouth!" After I read it to them the first time, they would say it and I couldn't figure out where they got it from. Then I was reading it to them the second time I got there and went, "So THAT'S where you picked it up from!!!"

  4. You seriously had me laughing so much!! Though I didn't hate the 2005 film at all, I definitely was disappointed at how most of the story was cut out. I didn't like that Mr. Darcy was simply misunderstood when we all know that he changes and grows in the '95 version (and book). I found the 2nd proposal pretty hilarious as well. Who walks in the fields in their nightclothes? lol. And the final romantic moment was pretty dorky too. I think I would've been more okay with the film if it hadn't been Pride and Prejudice. If this was just some romantic period drama, then sure, it was a good film. But Pride and Prejudice has SO much more story and heart than the movie could even fit in, so yeah.

  5. They left out so much that it was disgusting! I think that they left out close to 2/3rds of the story!!

    And seriously!! NIGHTCLOTHES?

  6. Hahaha ;-P I enjoy both versions, but this was quite entertaining :)

    (The last scenes with Darcy and Lizzy--especially the very end--are Rawther Gross.)

    Caroline's nightgown DOES annoy me to no end. Other than that, though, and the very last scene, I think it's "tolerable." ;D

    (May I just say, the way you titled/started this post is awesome.)

    1. :)

      Totally!! Like i said, I like kissing, melt-me-into-a-puddle-of-goo scenes (as you know quite well having watched a chick-flick with me!!), but I found that scene vomit inducing!!

      It makes me want to teach the people who made it a thing or two about the costuming of that period!!

      Thanks!! Couldn't resist a chance to quote Amazing Grace!! Plus it was perfect!!!!

  7. *shakes hand* *pats back*
    Yup. I agree with your sentiments. Wholeheartedly. :-)

    1. *vigorously returns handshake* I knew I would have a staunch supporter in you!! And I have borrowed your name for it!! I now call it Pride & Pyjamas!!

  8. *comisserates*


    The simpler/dirtier way of life seemed a little more realistic to me

    I liked the actors for Mr. Bennett, Jane Bennett, and Mr. Collins better I think

    I wouldn't say I liked the music better, but it was still well done and almost more scenic


    Yes, ALL the cheese. I know Darcy is supposed to be awkward but ... it was too much xD

    Bingley was a total dufus. Like ... beyond. Whats even up with him randomly giggling and grabbing the ribbon on Jane's dress?!?! O.o The 6 hour version strikes such a nice balance with him

    Caroline *shudder* Her nightgown for a party dress was ridiculous for sure and she just seemed to not fit the era even in her manner of forwardness. Though the fact that there was only one sister was almost nice xD

    Obviously the last scenes because it doesn't really work and there's hardly been character development because 2 hrs simply doesn't suffice XD

    Lizzie's figure. Or lack of one. That sounds so judgy but I love Jennifer as Lizzie too much

    I think that's most of it ... haha. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks Wickham looked like Orlando Bloom. That did ALMOST make me like him more than I should have. Almost. But he seemed younger than Lizzie so that wrecked that sideline. Oh look, another complaint *sigh*