Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring and Legos

Hey guys!!  So it is finally looking like Spring here.  I took a few pictures this morning that I thought I would share with all of you.

Isn't the coloring amazing? 
I really, really like the above photo.  The gold of the stubble in the field, then the deep purpley-blue of the mountain, then the white snow all against the deep blue sky.  It is gorgeous!

And the Sandhill Cranes are back.  

And this cat.  This is Turtle One, and she doesn't like having pictures taken of her.  She prefers rubbing her face all over yours.

Now for the Lego part.  My little brother wanted a Lego themed birthday, so I made him two Lego brick cakes and I did the decorations.  

Behold the cakes.

I wanted to hang the copter from the ceiling and duct tape wasn't working, so we used string and thumbtacks.  20 hours later, it still hasn't fallen down.  And the banner that the Lego guy is holding says, 'Long Life' because 'Happy Birthday' was too boring.

Then he wanted Lego faces drawn on the balloons.  Here is the result.  Jill (who helped me) and I have determined that we can go into the party decoration business, and our slogan can be, "You name it, We make it."

This was my attempt at what Google called a 'goatee'.  Jill couldn't look at it without laughing.

I drew a mustache!!!  And it isn't lopsided!!

Drawing these ladies was the hardest part.

They look extremely comical without noses!!
 And since we didn't have any helium, we had to resort to good ol' Duct tape.  I do love that stuff!!


  1. The cake turned out perfect! And I love the outdoor pics there beautiful. ~Taz

  2. *applause* I am impressed. Those Lego cakes are amazing!

    And those pictures are stunning! Especially the first one.

    1. Thank you! It certainly was back breaking!

      Our mountains are delightfully gorgeous!