Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Liebster Award (Tagged by Keturah)

Thanks Keturah for tagging me!!

1. Tell me the most fun fact about YOU.
  Seriously Keturah?  The most fun fact about myself?  Ummmm.....I don't know!  Maybe the fact that I stick out my tongue and make faces at the bad guys in the LotR movies?

Edited to add:
  I thought of a better one.  Mom and Mel would say that it isn't a funny fact, but a ridiculous one!  I have a stuffed frog named Frank, that I cuddle while I am watching movies or TV shows.  I seriously won't watch anything without him.  It drives Mel and Mom crazy and I caused an uproar when I said that I would take him with me if I got to watch Beauty and the Beast in theater.  Mom says absolutely not!  :(  ;) 
2. Now think of someone you might not like very much. Tell me something really awesome and nice about them :D (I'm not cruel...just original ;b)
  Well there aren't that many people that I dislike very much, so I'll just say my little brother.  We don't always get along, but he has recently discovered an amazing talent (for someone his age) for poetry.  He is writing a poem about Leif Erickson right now.  It's really good.

 3. What's your best work you've ever written, in your opinion?
   Probably a scene that I wrote once for Melody's Quote Queste (but my mom and sister were the only ones who saw it.)

4. Is money or are books more important?
  More important?   Well I like books better, but money is the more useful of the two.

5. What is something you are known for?
  I don't know!  Among my family, probably good cooking, among my friends....I haven't a clue!

6. What makes your family unique?
  All the kids!  Lol!

7. What do you think of dreams (the ones you have at nighttime)?
  Well if they are interesting ones, it annoys me that I can never remember them.  Also they are very disappointing when I dream of having delicious Chocolate Farina for breakfast......and then wake up to find that we are actually having unappealing Oatmeal.  I don't like plain Oatmeal.  I prefer raisins and cinnamon in mine.

8. What made yesterday special and worth living to you?
  Yesterday?  Ummm.....the fact that if I lasted out the day I got to watch the next episode of a drama that I really love!  ;)  Hehe.

9. Is God real enough to you that you want to share about Him?

10. What is the last book you read?
  The Girl Philippa by Robert W. Chambers.  A fascinating story set in France at the beginning of World War One.

11. What is knowledge to you?
  The dictionary's description of the word.  Sorry, my brain isn't working very well right now.

  I tag anyone who has seen a cat in the last 12 hours.  And now I am off to make cookies.


  1. I don't like oatmeal either. Just, no.

  2. Wait I saw a cat in the last 12 hours.... ;)

  3. Lol..if we go see that movie you HAVE GOT to bring Frank ;) Your answers are awesome!!!!!! Love them...and your tag condition! LOL love it.

  4. I saw two . . . really annoying cats or rather I chased our two really annoying cats, but I think I have done this tag before although these questions look different.
    One of my younger sisters likes cold, clammy, gelatinous oatmeal. She also eats cereal several times a day. We've decided she's a hobbit.

    1. Hahahaha!! We have one kind of annoying cat...we thought she was a he when she was little so we named her Kili...anyway, Miss Kili likes to jump up onto window screens and claw her way up them. And if you just open the door a crack, she is in like a flash!

      Ugh. Well I' isn't soo bad if it has lots of honey, brown sugar or maple syrup in it, but otherwise, bleh!

    2. My brother eats cereal every day. Sometimes more then once lol!! ~Taz

    3. Like the Oatmeal kind of cereal that is just made of water, oats and salt?

  5. I think you should take Frank with you. ~Taz

  6. Replies
    1. I'll do my best to convince Mom. I think I'll be able to!