Friday, November 11, 2016

Fall-Tastic Favorites Tag

  Morgan LuaAnn over at The Day the Lord has Made, tagged me for:

1. Favorite Fall Holiday:  Thanksgiving!!  All  the yummy food and family (not yummy family).

2. Favorite Fall Dessert Ingredient: Carmel, Pumpkin or Pecan?  Ooooo!!  That's a really tough one!  Individually nad mixed together, all three area amazing.  But I think of the three, Caramel is my favorite.

3. Favorite Fall Movie:  I don't really have one.

4. Favorite Fall Candle:  Apple scent.

5. Favorite Fall Drink:  Hot Cocoa or Spiced Apple Cider.

6. Favorite Item of Clothing for the Fall:  My fuzzy, pink sweater.

7. Favorite Fall Outing/Activity:  Walking through the gap that's about 7 miles away.

8. Favorite Candy:  Chocolate!

9. Favorite Fall Weather:  Sunny, but cool.

10. Favorite at Home Meal:  Sauerkraut with wieners, Rolls, Applesauce and Beets.


  1. Hmmmm! My boss makes this fabulous sauerkraut soup with sausage that is quite good during the fall. Reminds of your fav home meal. Have a good day Erudessa!

  2. Thank you so much for doing the tag, Erudessa! I loved reading your answers!! :D Hope you have a wonderful day!! :D