Friday, February 8, 2019

Fab Five ~ Book Heroes

And I'm back!!

Today I have five books heroes I enjoy, not my favorites!

Dr. Robin McRae ~ Dear Enemy - Jean Webster

Dr. McRae - or Sandy - is the taciturn, curmudgeonly Scotch doctor on call for the John Grier Home, an Orphanage in New England that is the setting for this epistolary style novel.  Sandy is the best because - while he is grumpy, grouchy and often fights with and then ignores the heroine - he is an absolute sweetheart and the glimpses of his behavior with the children are so beautiful.  He really loves them and his dedication to his work is amazing. 

Chip Bennett ~ Chip, of the Flying U - B.M. Bower

Ah, Chip Bennett, the best rider on the Flying U and such a sweetheart.  A man of few words, he has a heart of gold and is very talented not only at making the Little Doctor's heart beat fast, but also with a brush and paint and the wildest horses on the place.

Daniel Pickett ~ Kiss of the Spindle - Nancy Campbell Allen

I didn't want to go with the books cover here, but I couldn't find another picture that satisfied me.
What I love the most about the hero from this Steampunk Sleeping Beauty retelling, is that he's not all swoony the first time he meets the girl, on the contrary, she blackmails her way onto his ship, and he is mad as can be!  But as you get to know him, you find a kind, caring young man suffering greatly from PTSD and doing his best to help those persecuted unjustly make new lives elsewhere.  And his jealous moments are an absolute hoot!

Devin the Pooka ~ MBRC series - K.M. Shea

*shakes head*
I imagine Devin looking something like this, he is tall, dark and handsome and a total rouge!  A shapeshifter and a flirt he annoys the heroine to no end...and he's not technically the hero of the series, but then again, it doesn't really have a hero.
But underneath his charming, womanizing exterior, is a man who would do anything to help those he cares about.

Dawsey Adams ~ The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Mary Ann Shaffer

Though this is a picture of Dawsey from the movie, I would like you all to know from the very start that....I  DO  NOT  LIKE  THIS  MOVIE.
Now don't get me wrong, the actors and actresses were fantastic and Lily James and Matthew Goode were just the best not to mention Kit was adorable, (oh, and the totally got Mark's "American Arrogance" down pat!), but it just wasn't as good as the book!  They cut out way too many things and changed other things merely for the sake of drama and I hate it when they do that!

Anyway, rant over and back to Dawsey!!
Dawsey Adams was a farmer on Guernsey Island during it's occupation by the Germans in WWII and the horrors he endured are more then just heart-wrenching, they are out right sickening!  But he didn't let the atrocities committed by some (Germans) blind him to the good in others.  And when her parents were arrested, he took the child of his good friends an raised the little darling with the help of other friends.  He is just one of the best fictional heroes I have ever read the story of!

Well, that's all for tonight, be sure to check out Rebekah's post and tell us what you think!
So long!!

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