Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blogoversary Tag

I am doing the tag from Heather's Blogoversary.

  1. What was your first post? When did you write it?  My first post, was my Welcome post and I wrote it a couple of days or like a week before I actually published it.  And I published it, back on July 31st, 2015.
  2. What is your most popular post?  My post from Hamlette's Tolkien Week.  Thank You, Mr. Tolkien!
  3. What is your favorite post?  My favorite post?  Not Every Girls Prince.......
  4. What are some particularly emotional posts you’ve written? (And it doesn’t necessarily have to be weepy—you could be ecstatic or enraged or disgusted, if that applies.)  Ooohhhh, In Loving Memory, I was sad; I Am Now A Fan Of..., I was super excited and The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition, I was super excited.  But I was even more excited when I was writing my post on The Two Towers: Extended Edition, but I haven't posted that yet.  Though I should have finished it and posted it in August.
  5. Have you ever written particularly a particularly controversial post?  I don't think so.
  6. What is your most humorous post?  I don't know!  You would have to ask my readers.
  7. Have you ever given/received/exchanged guest posts?  Nope.
  8. What are some things you want to blog about but haven’t gotten to yet?  Ummmm.....the list is far to long to even start on!!
  9. What is the best thing about your blog?  Getting to meet and connect with people.
  10. And, for the heck of it—what are a few of your favorite blogs (that, if it wasn’t implied, are not yours)?  Meanwhile, in Rivendell, The Splendor Falls, Keturah's Korner, Writing in the Light, Giant Spiders Stole My Sanity, and those are just a few!!


  1. Ooh, these sound very good! You clearly have a lot of yourself invested in your blog. :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog and participating in my blogoversary game! :D