Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Anna and the King (1999)

  Last night I sat down and watched Anna and the King with Mom and Mel.  When I prepared for the movie, and when we sat down and started watching, I had no desire to see the movie, I didn't really think I would like it.......I was never more wrong in my life!  I very much enjoyed it.

The relationships were well done.  The costumes were amazing!  I know that it's based off of a diary, and that some people say, "Her diary was fake", but I always forget that it was based of a true story.  I always think it's totally fictional.  But I really, really liked it!

This jacket is one of my favorites.

These two are soo sweet!

I loved seeing how these boys went from this, to sneaking cigars and smoking them!

LOVE this boat!


Fa-Ling and her little parasol!
His smile and Fa-Ling running off down the dock!

I want to ride on an elephant!

This dress is so pretty!

Lady Tuptim.  Her story was so sad.

This is my favorite hairstyle in the movie.

They are too cut for words!

My (I think) second favorite dress.

One of the best scenes.
My favorite dress.

This robe is to die for!  I love the look on his face when he comes out and sees her waiting there.

When she informs him that she is going along to lend support to his story!



*screams*  This is officially the best scene in the movie!

So sad but sweet.

A movie that didn't  end happily ever after that I really enjoyed!

  It was an excellent portrayal of so many things.  I can't even think of all of them anymore, or find the words to describe them.  So for those of you who haven't....just go watch the movie!


  1. Now I want to see this movie! Looks so good!

  2. Wow, this looks super good! I know the stroy because I've seen the Rodgers and Hammerstein version. But now I want to see tjis too!!

  3. I've always wanted to see this... why didn't you!!?? haha ;)

    1. It just didn't sound that interesting......until I got into it!!