Friday, August 5, 2016

Would You Rather: Summer Olympics Edition

  Cordy is doing another edition of her favorite game!

Would you rather preform in the opening ceremony of the hosting country (you can pretend your country is hosting), or carry your nation's flag as everyone walks in during the opening ceremonies?
  Carry the flag please!  I know that everyone would be watching me, but I think there would be a lesser chance of me getting stage fright and freezing up.

Would you rather have to play a game of beach volleyball, or water polo?
  Ummmm, I think Beach Volleyball.  I would just put on a bit more clothing then most of them do!

Would you rather run, or swim, in a relay?

Would you rather participate in archery or the javelin throw?
  ARCHERY!!!  One of my dreams is to learn archery.

Would you rather high dive, or execute a synchronized swimming routine?
  Synchronized swimming routine.

Would you rather be on a rowing or sailing team? (In sailing, they sometimes have teams.)

Would you rather fence or preform in an equestrian event?
  An Equestrian event!  But Fencing would be cool too.

Would you rather do the pole jump or preform on the (gymnastics) uneven bars?
  Pole jump.

When you were younger, was there an Olympic sport that you always wanted to compete in?  Which was it? 
  No.  See, when I was younger, I didn't really know anything about the Olympics.  But I have always thought that the Pole Jump looked cool.


  1. I loved all your answers, Erudessa!

    Amen to more clothes during volleyball. I mean really! O_O

    I had the hardest time choosing between equestrian and fencing. :)

    1. Totally!! I would be SOOOOOO embarrassed to wear what they wear!

      Both are so cool!

  2. Oh how cool!! I couldn't run, I'm not fast.

  3. Ahhh this is such a fun game! I would LOVE to learn fencing :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. :) I love watching fencing scenes in movies and reading them in books.

  4. Love this!! Fencing VS Equestrian.....that just isn't fair!

  5. Aww fun Q&A! I get carrying the flag in would be less nerve-wracking because at least you would have something you could focus on... like not dropping the flag, lol. Archery! That sounds so cool. :D :D