Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Movies I Watched In August 2016

Titles with nothing before them I watched for the first time.

Titles with ** before them are re-watches.

Titles with # before them I watched with my little siblings.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader ~ 2010

I had high hopes for this movie.  VotDT is my favorite Narnia book, and I was hoping the movie would live up to the book.....it didn't.  It was the worst of the three.  I would watch it again because there were a couple really cool parts, but I didn't really like it.

Full House Take 2 ~ 2012 ~ 6 eps

This drama is hilarious!!

Descendants of the Sun ~ 2016 ~ 4 eps

Ah!!  We finally finished DotS.  It was an amazing drama!!  I loved it!

** How To Steal A Million ~ 1966

This movie is the best!! 

Anna and the King ~ 1999

You can read my thoughts about this movie HERE.

Cantabile Tomorrow ~ 2014 ~ 16 6ps

I needed a drama to watch, so watched this.  It was amusing and I binged it in one week.  (I could have done it faster, but I made it last longer.)

Bridge on the River Kwai ~ 1957

This was the most boring movie ever!  It was full of egotistical, arrogant dingbats.  The Army doctor was the best person.


  1. I watched How to Steal a Million for the first time this summer . . . and then requested and received it for my birthday. Oh. my. word. Like at least every other line is quotable; it is so clever and funny!

    I know a lot of people think Dawn Treader it the worst of the three, but I like it well-enough. I think I thought Prince Caspian was SO awful (why did they make Peter so awful?!) plus I just like the basics plot of DT better than PT. The Dawn Treader is my favorite book, but it just might not translate to a very interesting movie for most people. My sister-in-law thinks that the whole series doesn't translate well, but I think it just depends on what you expect from a movie.
    I may need to put Anna and the King on my to be watched list. I just noticed that the King is Captain Sao Feng from Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End).

    1. I asked to watch How To Steal A Million for my half birthday this year, then rewatched it when Neflix got it (we rented it from Amazon). I love quoting it!

      I thought that Dawn Treader didn't flow very well, also I thought that they added to many unnecessary things. Like the whole 'Green Mist' and 'Seven Swords'. I don't think they needed it. Also they REALLY down played the spiritual truths in the story BIG TIME. And that was what bothered me the most.

      Whereas with Prince Caspian, though they made character and plot changes that I found annoying, the same spiritual truths that are in the book, ring true in the movie.

      And I believe that is because of the change in directors. Andrew Adamson directed and co-wrote the first two movies, and Micheal Apted directed Dawn Treader with a different writing team.